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Creamy Blackcurrant Mousse with Chestnut Cream

Creamy Blackcurrant Mousse with Chestnut Cream

Recipe courtesy of: Leonce Blanc
blackcurrant mousse on a black tray with vanilla bean.

Dark, fruity, and creamy! Leonce Blanc's Blackcurrant Mousse recipe tastes as amazing as it looks. Using their Blackcurrant Frozen Fruit Puree, chestnut paste, gelatin, cream and sugar, this recipe is simple and beautiful. 


600g             Leonce Blanc Blackcurrant Puree

260g             Sugar

12g               Gelatin Gold-200 Bloom

1 L                Single Cream 35% Fat

Optional       DGF Chestnut Paste (for decoration)


1.) Soak the gelatin in cold water.

2.) Lightly whip the cream and chill.

3.) Gently heat 1/3 of the blackcurrant puree, add the sugar and squeezed out gelatin.

4.) Whisk to combine. Do not heat over 185°F.

5.) Add the rest of the blackcurrant puree and cool to 104°F.

6.) Whisk in 1/4 of the softly whipped cream then carefully fold in the rest using a spatula. 

7.) Pipe into the small glasses using a disposable bag without a nozzle: 35 g in a small 70 ml glass, 85 g in a 160 ml glass.

OPTIONAL: Decorate with dots of chestnut cream. For more volume and a lighter finish, decorate with a combination of whipped cream and chestnut cream (1/3 chestnut cream, 2/3 whipped cream). 

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