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Creamy Blackcurrant Mousse with Chestnut Cream

Creamy Blackcurrant Mousse with Chestnut Cream

Recipe courtesy of: Leonce Blanc
blackcurrant mousse recipe


600 g Leonce Blanc Blackcurrant Puree
260 g Sugar
12 g Gelatin Gold-200 Bloom
1 liter Single Cream 35% Fat
DGF Chestnut Paste (for decoration)


1.) Soak the gelatin in cold water.

2.) Lightly whip the cream and chill.

3.) Gently heat 1/3 of the blackcurrant puree, add the sugar and squeezed out gelatin.

4.) Whisk to combine. Do not heat over 185°F.

5.) Add the rest of the blackcurrant puree and cool to 104°F.

6.) Whisk in 1/4 of the softly whipped cream then carefully fold in the rest using a spatula. 

7.) Pipe into the small glasses using a disposable bag without a nozzle: 35 g in a small 70 ml glass, 85 g in a 160 ml glass.

OPTIONAL: Decorate with dots of chestnut cream. For more volume and a lighter finish, decorate with a combination of whipped cream and chestnut cream (1/3 chestnut cream, 2/3 whipped cream). 

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