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Salted Peanut Nougat and Caramel Bars

Gourmet Salted Peanut Nougat and Caramel Bars


Salted Peanut Nougat and Caramel Bars

Make your own version of a Snickers with these Gourmet Salted Peanut Nougat and Caramel Bars from Chef Jessica Ellington! Chewy nougat with roasted peanuts is covered in smooth layers of caramel and milk chocolate.

Recipe by: Jessica Ellington

Yield: (24-26) 1" x 4.5" bars


DividerSalted Peanut Nougat:

2.93 oz (83g)                    Water

11.64 oz (330g)                Granulated sugar

3.88 oz (110g)                  Glucose

7.58 oz (215g)                  Clover honey

0.07 oz (2g)                      Kosher salt

0.53 oz (15g)                    Granulated sugar

1.76 oz (50g)                    Egg whites

1.76 oz (50g)                    Cocoa butter, melted

8.81 oz (250g)                  Salted, roasted peanuts, warm



2 oz (56g)                         Water

8 oz (225g)                       Sugar

1.23 oz (35g)                    Glucose

0.04 oz (1g)                      Kosher salt

4.76 oz (135g)                  Butter

6.17 oz (175g)                  Heavy cream

0.02 oz (0.5g)                   Baking soda 



16 oz (454g)                      Claro de Luna Milk Chocolate




Salted Peanut Nougat:

1.) Prepare a vessel with the dimensions of 9" x 13" x 1" on top of a silicone mat or acetate sheet. Or, use a quarter sheet pan lined with an acetate sheet cut to size.

2.) Over medium heat, bring water, sugar, glucose, honey and salt to a boil without stirring.

3.) At 125°C (257°F), begin whipping sugar and egg whites together at medium speed. Continue cooking syrup to 145°C (293°F). Meringue should be at soft peaks when syrup reaches 145°C (239°F). Adjust mixer speed to achieve this.

4.) With the mixer on medium speed, slowly pour syrup into meringue. Turn mixer to high.

5.) Let mixture whip on high until it is just warm to the touch. Replace the whisk with the paddle attachment. Add melted cocoa butter and warm peanuts. Mix to combine.

6.) Spread mixture into prepared form while still warm.

7.) Let cool to room temperature. 



1.) Cook water, sugar and glucose to an amber caramel.

2.) Remove from heat.

3.) Deglaze caramel with cream in 3-4 additions.

4.) Add butter and salt. Whisk together.

5.) Return to heat and cook caramel to 118°C (244°F).

6.) Remove from heat. Quickly stir in baking soda and immediately pour over set nougat.


Tempering and Dipping Procedure:

1.) Unmold candy bar and place nougat side down. Cut desired size.

2.) Temper milk chocolate per manufacturer's instructions.

3.) Using a dipping fork and working with one bar at a time, place bar in the tempered chocolate nougat side up. Press gently to make sure the sides are completely covered in chocolate. Using the dipping fork, turn the bar over to caramel side up to make sure the nougat is completely covered in chocolate on the bottom.

4.) Lift the bar out of the chocolate with the dipping fork. Tap the handle of the fork several times on the rim of the bowl to remove excess chocolate. 

5.) Gently slide the bottom of the candy bar across a piece of parchment paper or silicone mat to remove any excess chocolate from the bottom of the bar before placing on another piece of parchment paper or silicone mat to set up.

6.) Continue process for remaining bars. 

 Gourmet Snickers Bars

Pictured above: A gourmet twist on a classic candy bar! These Gourmet Salted Peanut Nougat and Caramel Bars feature milk chocolate and gooey caramel layered on top of a chewy peanut nougat filling.

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