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20 Ways to Use Our Pumpkin Spice Flavoring

20 Ways to Use Our Pumpkin Spice Flavoring

Pumpkin cinnamon buns with warm pumpkin spice glaze.

The seasonal fan favorite: Pumpkin Spice! If you're anything like us, you'll want the warmth of cinnamon, ginger, and pumpkin in everything we eat this fall. Here are 20 ways to use our Pumpkin Spice Flavoring in your fall foods!

Spiced Peach Cobbler



1. Spiced Peach Cobbler: View the step by step recipe here.

A tin tray of Spiced Peach Cobbler with a slice topped with vanilla ice cream. e

2. Coffee Creamer: Mix in with your creamer and add to your coffee. The most delicious and aromatic wake up call!

Spiced Sweet Potato Pie


3. Spiced Sweet Potato Pie: A classic with a kick! View step by step recipe here.

Spiced Sweet Potato pie topped with pie crust foliage.

Spiced Cinnamon Rolls


4. Cinnamon Rolls: What's better than warm, pumpkin spice flavored cinnamon rolls? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Pumpkin cinnamon buns with warm pumpkin spice glaze.

5. Apple Cider Donuts: Is it really fall without apple cider donuts? Add some pumpkin and indulge in pure autumnal yumminess.



6. Caramel: Whether you're making caramel candies or a caramel drizzle, the familiar warmth of pumpkin spice will elevate the classic caramel flavor to new heights! View the recipe here.

An ornate fruit plate with sliced apples, figs, kiwi, strawberries, and grapes with a bowl of pumpkin spice caramel on the side.

7. Spiced Cookies: Replace vanilla or lemon extract in the recipe with Pumpkin Spice!

8. Ice Cream & Gelato: The warmth of pumpkin spice versus the brisk coolness of fall morning. What a perfect juxtaposition!

9. Pumpkin Spiced Soup: All the warm and cozy feelings with this one.

Caramel Corn


10. Caramel Corn: Sweet, savory, and spiced. A drizzle of pumpkin spice caramel on a salty snack sounds like a perfect match to us!

a close up image of pumpkin spice Caramel Corn

11. Pancakes & Waffle Batter: A truly GOOD morning! You can also make cinnamon butter using the pumpkin spice flavoring and smear it on allll the toast, muffins, and bagels. You're welcome!

12. Winter Wedding Cakes & White Spiced Cake: You can replace vanilla extract with Dreidoppel's Pumpkin Spice flavoring in any cake recipe to create Spiced Yellow Cake. Pro Tip: The Pumpkin Spice flavoring does not have a color!

13. Icing, Frosting, Cream Cheese, Glaze, Buttercream: Pumpkin Spice cake everything, basically.

14. Spiced Candied Nuts: Mix together and bake. Simple. Easy.

15. Spiced Cocktails: truly BOOzy!

16. Simple Syrup: Add spiced sweetness to their coffee, tea, smoothie, or other beverage.

17. Blondies or Brownies: The pumpkin spice flavor is perfect for ooey, gooey bites of FALLing in love.

18. Bread Pudding: Grab that spoon: this simple classic just got a spiced upgrade.


a personal pot filled with pumpkin spice bread pudding

19. Honey: Drizzle spiced honey on appetizers, like bacon wrapped stuffed figs.

20. Savory Dishes: Dreidoppel Pumpkin Spice flavoring does not have any sugar or glucose, so it can be added to savory dishes such as chili, hummus, marinades and more.

This super versatile product is sure to bring the feeling of fall into your foods this season! Have you tried it yet?


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