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Be Sweeter Together with us as we join AUI Fine Foods on April 29! Shipping/order advisory: Please be advised that we will NOT be shipping orders on Thursday, 4/25 and Friday, 4/26.
Be Sweeter Together with us as we join AUI Fine Foods on April 29! Shipping/order advisory: Please be advised that we will NOT be shipping orders on Thursday, 4/25 and Friday, 4/26.
Bringing the Family Together with a New and Improved Website

Bringing the Family Together with a New and Improved Website

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One Big Happy Family


What can we say, we love a big family! After acquiring Marque Foods in 2015, the San Francisco based company became a part of ifiGOURMET LLC. As of July 2020, we brought the family even closer together: Marque Foods has become our ifiGOURMET West warehouse.

ifiGOURMET WEST: New Name, Same Products


Since Marque Foods was already under the umbrella of our family company, ifiGOURMET, we decided to make it easier for our customers and put the branch under the same name. Because both companies have always shared most of the same products, the only major change is the name from Marque Foods to ifiGOURMET West. That’s it!

We will continue to provide the utmost professional customer service, high quality ingredients, and continue to develop our wide variety of product offerings.

New & Improved Website


To bring together the two companies, we created a brand new, easily searchable, functional website with many new features. Take a look at everything it has to offer below!

“Easy to use”: that was our motto to create our brand new site. We want our site to be your access point for ingredients and information, all with just a few clicks. The clean, updated, modern look is filled with stunning imagery, blogs, recipes, and product information galore. All products are divided into specific categories in which you can browse and select products.

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Pick a Filter


One of our newest features includes filters, where customers can easily find products in different flavor types, brands, dietary restrictions, and even which warehouse the product is available in. Limit your search to exactly what you’re looking for instead of sifting through hundreds of products!


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Homepage Highlights


Our homepage will always feature a gorgeous mosaic filled with our current favorite products. These tiles will link you to recipes, blog posts, products, and other dessert inspiration. Not sure what you’re looking for yet? Check these out for ideas!


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Contact Us Page


Our Customer Support Teams are ready and waiting to help you with any question or problem you might have! Based on your location, our warehouses and customer service teams will provide you with accurate information regarding stock, delivery times, and more. Not sure which territory you fall under? No worries- we provided a map with our locations.

In addition, we now offer a Sales Inquiry feature, where you can email your specific sales and product questions to our knowledgeable sales team!


Working with Us Page


We took large steps into creating informational pages for our customers, because there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find what you need. We hope that this page shows you that we always go the extra mile to deliver the most information possible to make your life easier.  Located in the bottom footer of the site, the “Terms of Service/Working with Us” provides you with ordering information, instructions, shipping information, payment, and return policy for both of our warehouses. Here you can find all email addresses and phone numbers to reach us with anything you need.


Valuable Product Information


Get the most information possible about our products all on one page! Every product will include the following: a product description, packaging size, dosage, applications, features, dietary restriction information, brand information, a downloadable flyer, a corresponding recipe, and any additional information we have. We want to put it all out there- you deserve to know it all!

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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers


Our NEW Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has all your answers! Since we now have two warehouses under one name, we want to make sure all information is easily accessible to our customers. Find out more about wholesale versus retail options, warehouse stock, product samples, shipping, and more here. If you have any questions that are not found on our FAQ page, please email our customer service team and they will be more than happy to help.

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Stay in Touch with Social Media!


Get first access to new products announcements, step by step recipes, blogs, and other amazing dessert inspiration by signing up for our amazing emails! Craving more of a sugar rush? For a ton of dessert fun, follow our social media accounts @ifigourmet- you’ll love what you see!

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