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Image of Mini Cakes with buttercream roses

Mini Rose Cakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Image of Mini Cakes with pink Swiss Meringue buttercream roses

No tea party is complete without these picture-perfect Mini Rose Cakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream! Layers of soft, buttery sponge infused with rose simple syrup are filled with strawberry jam and rose-flavored mousse, then topped with elegant meringue buttercream roses and pistachio-flavored leaves.

Recipe by: Joan Repato

Yield: Approx. 30 Mini Rose Cakes



Swiss Meringue Buttercream:

Yield: 60.4 oz (1928g): 830 grams needed for 30 mini cakes

2.4 oz (68g)                   Meringue Powder

21 oz (600g)                  Granulated sugar

¼ Tsp                            Salt

5 oz (360 ml)                 Boiling water

2 lbs (900g)                   Unsalted butter, cut into 1" cubes (softened at room temp)

30g                                Rose Flavor Paste

10g                                Pistachio Flavor Paste

3g                                  Vanilla Bourbon Flavor Paste 


Strawberry Jam

Yield: 64 oz (1800g): 450g needed for 30 mini cakes (7.5 grams per layer)

35 oz (1000g)                Strawberry Purée, ambient-pasteurized (2.2 lb)

0.88 oz (25g)                 Pectin 

24 oz (680g)                  Granulated sugar

3.5 oz (100g)                 Strawberry Flavor Paste


Flavored Fond Royal Mousse

Yield: 1500 grams (50 grams of mousse filling per mini cake)

7 oz (200g)                    Neutral Fond Royal

8.80 oz (250g)               Cold water (77°F, 25°C)

35 oz (1,000g)               Medium peak whipped cream

2.6 oz (75g)                   Rose Flavor Paste 


Sponge Cake

3                                   Sponge Sheets (yields 120 - 3" cake rounds)


Rose Simple Syrup

7 oz (200g)                   Granulated sugar

14 oz (400g)                 Water

5g                                 Rose Flavor Paste


Special Equipment:  

Cake Band Roll, 2"x500"cut into 30 - 9" length strips for each mini cake

Stainless Steel Cake Ring Mold (3" in diameter, 2" high)




Swiss Meringue Buttercream

1.) Place meringue powder, sugar, and salt in a mixer bowl and mix until well blended.

2.) Pour boiling water into the mixer bowl to dissolve sugar granules, and whisk mixture on medium low speed for 1 minute.

3.) Increase speed to high and whip until meringue has glossy peaks. Continue to whip until mixture has cooled completely.

4.) Gradually add the butter one cube at a time with the mixer running on medium speed. Whip on high until all butter is fully incorporated. The buttercream should be thick, creamy, and glossy.

5.) Transfer the buttercream into three separate bowls: 600 grams for the first one, 140 grams for the second, and 90 grams for the third.

6.) Flavor the first 600 grams of plain buttercream with the 30 grams of Rose Flavor Paste, stirring until fully combined. 

7.) Repeat with the second bowl of plain buttercream (140 grams), this time using the 10 grams of Pistachio Flavor Paste.

8.) Finally, repeat with the third and final bowl containing the 90 grams of plain buttercream, this time using the 3 grams of Vanilla Bourbon Flavor Paste.

9.) Transfer the flavored buttercream into three separate pastry bags and set aside for later use. 


Strawberry Jam

1.) Place pectin and 100 grams of sugar in a small bowl and whisk together until fully combined. 

2.) Place strawberry purée in a large saucepan and whisk in the pectin-sugar mixture to combine.

3.) Bring purée and pectin mixture to a rolling boil over high heat, stirring frequently.

4.) Add the remaining 580 grams of sugar, stir to combine well. Return to a rolling boil and boil for another minute while stirring constantly.

5.) Remove from heat and whisk in Strawberry Flavor Paste until fully incorporated. Skim away any foam on the top.

6.) Move to a heat-safe container and allow to cool.


Flavored Fond Royal Mousse:

1.) Mix the 7 oz of Fond Royal with the cold water. 

2.) Fold into the 35 oz of medium peak whipped cream. 

3.) Stir in the 75 grams of Rose Flavor Paste, mixing until fully combined.

4.) Transfer into a pastry bag, no tip necessary. 


Rose Simple Syrup:

1.) Put water and sugar in a saucepan, and bring to a boil.

2.) Once cool, combine the simple syrup (sugar and water mixture) with the 5 grams of Rose Flavor Paste until fully combined.   



1.) Using the 3" stainless steel cake ring, cut 3 sponge sheet cake rounds for each mini cake (for a total of 90 cake rounds). 

2.) Line the inside of the cake ring with one of the 9" acetate cake bands.

3.) Take 3 cake rounds and brush or spray each round with the Rose Simple Syrup.

4.) Spread 7.5 grams of the Strawberry Jam on the first cake layer, and place it inside the cake ring.

5.) Cut a half inch off of a pastry bag filled with the Rose Fond Royal Mousse and pipe 25 grams in a circular fashion on top of the jam to cover the bottom cake layer.

6.) Repeat steps 4-5 with the next layer of cake, starting with the Strawberry Jam, then layering on the Rose Fond Royal Mousse. 

7.) Place a third and final layer of sponge cake on top, and remove the full stack from the cake ring. Repeat steps 2-6 for the remaining 29 mini cakes. **See recipe notes

8.) Using a star rip, Russian Rose tip or classic rose tip, pipe the roses on top of the mini cakes, using the Rose Flavored Swiss Meringue Buttercream. ***See recipe notes

9.) Surround the roses with buttercream leaves, using the Pistachio flavored Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

10.) Lastly, fill in any remaining space with white filler flowers using the Vanilla Bourbon flavored Swiss Meringue Buttercream. 

Photo of mini cakes with layers of mousse and intricate buttercream roses.

Pictured above: Fluffy layers of Rose-infused sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and rose flavored mousse, topped with intricate Swiss Meringue Buttercream roses, white flowers and leaves.


Recipe Notes:


*The Strawberry Jam recipe can also be swapped out for regular store-bought jam.

**If making several Mini Rose Cakes, you can assemble them all at the same time and allow to set in the freezer (for later use) or refrigerator for at least 2 hours before piping on the final buttercream roses.

***For a tutorial on how to pipe the buttercream roses using a classic rose tip, check out his video: Inspiring Flower Cupcakes.

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