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Strawberry Peach Pate de Fruit

Strawberry Peach Pate de Fruit

Recipe by: Jamie Caudy


 500 g

Strawberry Puree (LB 111110)

500 g Peach Puree (LB 113310
100 g Sugar
23 g Fruit Pectin (DGF 8285
1000 g Sugar
150 g Glucose (DGF 8369



  1. Lightly spray a half sheet pan with pan spray and line with plastic wrap, being sure to push plastic wrap down into the corners and sides of pan.
  2. If a sauce gun is available, plexy molds can be prepared, simply by lining them onto vary flat sheet pans.
  3. In a stainless steel pot bring puree to a boil.
  4. Add 100g sugar and fruit pectin.
  5. Mixing well with a whisk, bring fruit and pectin mixture back up to a boil.
  6. Add remaining sugars and whisk continually until it reaches 106 degrees C. (very long time!) - to test drop a small amount of hot liquid onto a stainless steel table top and if it peels off it is done.
  7. Pour onto plastic wrapped lined ½ sheets, let cool slightly and cover with plastic wrap directly on top to avoid a crust.
  8. If a shape is desired; working quickly, pour mixture into a sauce gun and drop into desired mold. Then dust the exposed part of the mold with granulated sugar and allow to cool at room temperature.   
  9. After completely cool, unmold plexy molds or cut sheets into desired shapes, taking care to coat in granulated sugar immediately after unmolding or cutting.
  10. Leave jellies to dry at room temperature uncovered for about a day. Some flavors may need to be tossed in more granulated sugar after sitting for a day.
  11. Place in an air tight container and store at room temperature.


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