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Strawberry Pate de Fruit

Strawberry Pate de Fruit

bowl of Strawberry pate de fruit

Simple and sweet! This Strawberry Pate de Fruit made with Leonce Blanc's Strawberry Puree is sure to be a summertime favorite.


500g                   Strawberry Puree

50g                     Sugar

10g                     Slow Set Pectin or Rapid Set Pectin

500g                   Sugar

100g                   Glucose Syrup

8g                       Tartaric Acid


1.) Bring strawberry puree and glucose syrup to a boil.

2.) Combine 1st amount of sugar and pectin-- ensure pectin has been thoroughly incorporated into sugar. Whisk into boiling puree. Allow to cook for 2-3 minutes, constantly whisking.

3.) Add 2nd amount of sugar in 3 stages. Cook until 107°C (225°F)

4.) Remove from heat, stir in tartaric acid.

5.) Immediately dispense into tray mold for guitar cutting (Rapid Set or Slow Set Pectin) or individual silicone molds (Slow Set Pectin only**).

6.) Sugar in tray, cut, and then completely sugar (guitar cutting) or de-mold and completely sugar after 30 minutes (molds).


*Fruit acidity affects pectin results. This recipe is specially formulated for Leonce Blanc Strawberry Puree (LB 111110). Using another fruit puree may not yield the same results.

**Rapid Set Pectin is not suitable for pouring into individual molds due to quick setting time.

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