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Luker Noche 40% Mandarin Muscadine Truffles Recipe

Luker Noche 40% Mandarin Muscadine Truffles Recipe

Recipe by: Stanton Ho

Yield: 100-120 Milk Truffle Shells


 8 oz Heavy Cream
1 lb 4 oz

Luker Noche 40% Milk Chocolate (LUK M204)

3.5 oz

Unsalted Butter

2 oz

Trimoline (DGF 8301)

1.5 oz

Mandarin Flavor Paste (DRE 21004 9)

.5 oz

Black Forest Cherry Brandy (Kirswasser) Flavor Paste (DRE 21704 8)

.5 oz

Creme Napoleon Flavor Paste (DRE 20004 0)

Milk Truffle Shells (E1751)


1.) Boil the heavy cream in a sauce pot. Slowly pour it into the chopped milk chocolate and allow it to melt for at least 3 minutes. From the center out, stir continuously to keep the mixture emulsified. Blend well with an immersion blender, then set it aside to cool.

2.) Once cooled, incorporate the soft butter into this mixture. Once this is completed, slowly blend in the Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes.

3.) Pipe the ganache into milk chocolate truffle shells. Crystalize before closing the truffle shell openings with milk chocolate. Enrobe into tempered milk chocolate. Finish by rolling it into a blended 50/50 confectionery sugar and donut sugar or pipe on flowers for decoration.

Mandarin Noche Chocolate Truffles with piped flowers

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