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Hibiscus Entremet

Hibiscus Entremet

hibiscus orange entremet with shite chocolate decor

Honey, hibiscus, vanilla and orange - sweet dreams are made of these flavors! This refined French dessert layers Vanilla Orange Cremeux, Honey Sponge Cake and Hibiscus Mousse on top of a Pistachio Crisp, topped with a gleaming cocoa butter glaze colored with our natural PurColour Brilliant Powders. A dessert far too pretty to pass up!

Recipe by: Jessica Ellington

Yield: 24 Entremets

Vanilla Orange Cremeux


11.57 oz (328g)                   Heavy Cream

2.96 oz (84g)                       Egg Yolks

1.83 oz (52g)                       Granulated Sugar, divided

0.09 oz (2.5g)                      Gelatin Leaves - Silver

0.12 oz (3.5g)                      Vanilla Moroni Flavor Paste

0.88 oz (25g)                       Orange Flavor Paste



1.) Bloom gelatin.

2.) Whisk together egg yolks and half of sugar in a large bowl. Set aside

3.) Bring cream and half of sugar to a boil.

4.) Temper egg yolks and return mixture to heat.

5.) Cook to 84°C (184°F).

6.) Remove from heat. Stir in Gelatin Leaves, Vanilla Moroni Flavor Paste, and Orange Flavor Paste.

7.) Emulsify with an immersion blender.

8.) Cast into 1.5” dome inserts and freeze before using.


Honey Sponge


1                                Plain Sponge Sheet

5.29 oz (150g)           Honey



1.) Create a Honey Simple Syrup. See simple syrup recipe here.

2.) Brush all the syrup over the plain sponge.

3.) Cut sponge with a 2" round cutter.

4.) Set aside until ready to use.


Hibiscus Mousse


2 quarts (1815g)           Heavy Cream

1 Bag                            Neutral Mousse Mix

10.00 oz (227g)             Hibiscus Flavor Paste



1.) Combine ingredients.

2.) Follow procedure outlined on Neutral Mousse Mix bag.

3.) Fold in the Hibiscus Flavor Paste until combined.

4.) Pipe hibiscus mousse into 3" dome molds; filling 3/4 of the way up.

5.) Pull mousse up the sides of the mold with a small offset spatula.

6.) Lightly press a vanilla orange cremeux into each cavity and cover with a little mousse.

7.) Lightly press a round of honey sponge into each cavity and cover with a little mousse.

8.) Smooth mousse and clean off any extra mousse from edges.

9.) Freeze completely.


Pistachio Crisp


39.86 oz (1130g)               Luker Nevado White Chocolate

14.11 oz (400g)                 Crispy Rice Cereal

4.80 oz (136g)                   Butter, room temperature

7.05 oz (200g)                   Pistachios, roughly chopped

0.71 oz (20g)                     Kosher Salt



1.) Melt white chocolate.

2.) Mix remaining ingredients with melted chocolate.

3.) Press roughly 1/4 cup into a 3.5" ring to flatten.

4.) Remove ring and repeat with remaining crisp.

5.) Freeze to harden.




8.82 oz (250g)                     Water

17.64 oz (500g)                   Granulated Sugar

17.64 oz (500g)                   Glucose Syrup

10.93 oz (310g)                   Sweetened Condensed Milk

0.88 oz (25g)                       Gelatin Leaves - Silver

8.11 oz (230g)                     Cocoa Butter

As needed                           Ruby PurColour Brilliant Powder

As needed                           Azalea PurColour Brilliant Powder



1.) Bloom gelatin.

2.) Boil the water, sugar, glucose syrup, and sweetened condensed milk to 103°C (217°F).

3.) Add bloomed gelatin, mix.

4.) Pour mixture over cocoa butter.

5.) Add color to achieve desired hue.

6.) Emulsify with immersion blender.

7.) Use at 32°C (90°F).

8.) If reheating glaze, emulsify with an immersion blender before using.



1.) Place frozen domes on a glazing rack and glaze.

2.) Place glazed domes on top of pistachio crisp.

3.) Decorate as desired.

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