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Photo of a stack of fluffy flavored marshmallows.

Fluffy Dreidoppel Flavored Marshmallows

Photo of a stack of fluffy flavored marshmallows.

Pictured above: Chef Joan's extra Fluffy Dreidoppel Flavored Marshmallows can be customized with any of our convenient Flavor Pastes.

The only thing better than scratch-made marshmallows are these Fluffy Dreidoppel Flavored Marshmallows! Whether you're whipping these up holiday-style with one of our seasonal flavorings like Eggnog or Cranberry Paste or keeping it classic with one of our cozy coffee flavors, these extra fluffy sweet treats are sure to be a customer favorite.

Recipe by: Joan Repato



4.3 oz (122g)                   Cornstarch

4.6 oz (130g)                   Powdered sugar   

0.60 oz (17g)                   Unsweetened gelatin powder

3 oz (83g)                        Water

7.5 oz (212g)                   Granulated sugar

Pinch                               Salt

1.5 oz (44g)                     Corn syrup or glucose syrup

3                                      Egg whites

                                        Flavor Paste of Choice *See recipe notes                    



1.) Whisk together the cornstarch and powdered sugar and sift to combine well. 

2.) Prepare an 8"x8" square cake pan. Spray pan with non-stick oil spray on all sides. Completely coat the pan with the cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture to prevent the marshmallow from sticking to the pan.

3.) Mix the gelatin powder and water together and set aside to bloom.

4.) Combine the sugar, water and salt in a deep saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the corn or glucose syrup. **See recipe notes

5.) Clip a candy thermometer into the pan and boil the mixture until it reaches 260°F. Remove from heat.

6.) Add the bloomed gelatin to the hot sugar mixture and whisk to combine. The mixture will bubble. Continue to whisk until all the gelatin has dissolved. 

7.) Whip the egg whites in a stand mixer with a whip attachment until soft peaks form. 

8.) While the mixer is on medium high speed, drizzle in the sugar-gelatin mixture slowly as close to the edge of the mixing bowl as possible. When all of the sugar-gelatin mixture has been added, increase the speed to high. Whip mixture until it looks thick and fluffy.

9.) Add Flavor Paste of your choice (following the dosage instructions on the packaging) and whip for another minute until the flavoring has been fully incorporated.

10.) Pour the marshmallow mixture into the prepared square cake pan and spread evenly. Release air bubbles by firmly tapping the pan on a counter or hard surface. Allow to cool for 2 to 3 hours.

11.) Once cool and marshmallows do not feel very sticky, sprinkle the top with the cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture.

12.) Invert the pan onto a cutting board that is covered with the cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture to prevent sticking. Spray a long chef's knife with non-stick pan spray on both sides so that you can cut your marshmallows cleanly into nice neat squares.

13.) Once all of the marshmallows have been cut, toss them in the cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture to coat the entire marshmallow. Enjoy! ***See recipe notes for storage instructions if saving your marshmallows for later use.

Photo of fluffy flavored marshmallows on a piece of wax paper.

Pictured above: This fluffy, flavored marshmallow recipe works great as a topper for specialty coffee and hot chocolate drinks, cannabis-infused treats and more (check out our 420 Catalog here!).

Recipe Notes:


*With over 40 flavors to choose from, our selection of versatile Flavor Pastes from Dreidoppel will provide reliable color and flavor for your marshmallows while saving time and expense. Simply make sure to follow the dosage instructions listed on the label of the flavor paste that you choose. Some examples that would work for this recipe are 15g of  Passionfruit Flavor Paste, 20g of Latte Macchiato Paste, or 15g of Rose Flavor Paste).

**A deep saucepan is recommended to prevent the mixture from bubbling over while cooking.

***If storing marshmallows for later use, keep them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 month or at room temperature for up to one week.

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