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Cream Horns filled with flavored Fond Royal mousse

Cream Horns with Flavored Fond Royal Mousse

Sugared Cream Horns filled with flavored Fond Royal mousse decorated with crispearls

Recipe by: Joan Repato

Yield: Approx. 40-50 Filled Cream Horns 

Sure to impress yet easy to make, our ready-to-fill Cream Horns with Flavored Fond Royal Mousse are the perfect treat for festive parties! Dip them in chocolate and sprinkle on some fun edible decor for a personalized touch. 



Pastry Shell:

40-50 pcs.                   Sugared Cream Horns



White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, melted

PurColour Yellow Crystal Sugar (as needed)

Dark Chocolate Crispearls (as needed)

White Chocolate Crispearls (as needed)

Fire Red Brilliant Powder (as needed)


Strawberry, Blackberry & Lemon Noblesse Flavored Fond Royal Filling:

7 oz (200g)               Neutral Fond Royal

8.8 oz (250g)            Cold water

35 oz (1000g)           Whipped cream

1.5g                          Lemon Noblesse Flavor Paste

25g                           Blackberry Flavor Paste

15g-25g                   Strawberry Flavor Paste *See recipe notes





1.) Coat the Dark Chocolate Crispearls in the Brilliant Powder by tossing them together in a bag. Set aside.

2.) Repeat step one with the White Chocolate Crispearls. Set aside for now.


Strawberry, Blackberry and Lemon Noblesse Flavored Fond Royal:

1.) Mix the Neutral Fond Royal with the cold water at 77°F.

2.) Fold the Fond Royal and cold water mixture into the medium peak whipped cream.

3.) Separate the Neutral Fond Royal mixture into three equal parts, placing into three separate mixing bowls.

4.) In the first bowl, stir in the Lemon Noblesse Flavor Paste until fully combined. Set aside. Repeat with the second bowl with the Blackberry Flavor Paste and the third bowl with the Strawberry Flavor Paste

7.) Transfer the Strawberry, Blackberry, and Lemon Noblesse flavored fond royal into three separate pastry bags. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use.


Melt the Chocolate:

1.) Melt the White Confectionery Coating.**See recipe notes.



1.) Dip the cream horns in the melted white chocolate coating, then sprinkle on your choice of decorations and allow to set.

2.) Fill the cream horns with the flavored fond royal, alternating between the Strawberry, Blackberry, and Lemon Noblesse flavored Fond Royal.  

3.) To set, refrigerate for at least one hour prior to serving. If desired, sprinkle on some powdered sugar and enjoy!

Cream Horns filled with blackberry, lemon and strawberry flavored fond royal mousse, and decorated with crispearls

Pictured above: Sugared Cream Horn shells are filled with flavored Fond Royal mousse, rimmed with White Chocolate Confectionery Coating and embellished with Crystal Sugar and Crispearls coated in natural metallic Brilliant Powder.


Recipe Notes:


*If desired, the Neutral Fond Royal flavored with Strawberry Flavor Paste can also be substituted with Strawberry Fond Royal, a pre-flavored mousse made with freeze-dried strawberry pieces and powdered strawberry juice. For this, simply repeat the instructions for the Neutral Fond Royal and skip the step with the flavor paste.

**Make sure to melt extra White Confectionery Coating so that you have enough to dip the cream horns in.

Want to recreate the same recipe with other flavors? Swap out the Strawberry, Blackberry, and Lemon Noblesse for one of our other convenient flavor pastes

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