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Banana Chocolate Ganache for Chocolate Bonbons

Banana Chocolate Ganache for Chocolate Bonbons

Recipe Courtesy of: Leonce Blanc


 600 g Leonce Blanc Banana Puree
50 g Leonce Blanc Lime Puree
160 g  Sugar
300 g Cream
150 g Invert Sugar
2300 g Dark Chocolate
100 g Butter (diced)



1.) Partially melt the chocolate.

2.) Heat the banana puree, lime puree, and sugar to 185°F.

3.) Bring the cream to a boil and add the sugar-puree mixture.

4.) Immediately add the partially melted chocolate and invert sugar.

5.) Add the diced butter and mix to make an emulsion.

6.) Pour this mixture into a frame and leave to set.

7.) Turn out and brush with a very thin layer of chocolate. Once set, turn over.

8.) Cut the chocolate with a guitar or by hand.

9.) Dip the chocolate bonbons in tempered milk chocolate.

10.) Decorate and pack when dry.

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