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Banana Chocolate Ganache bonbons with assorted toppings created with Léonce Blanc fruit purées, presented on a black serving tray.

Banana Chocolate Ganache for Chocolate Bonbons

Banana chocolate ganache bonbons made with Léonce Blanc purée with various toppings on a black serving tray

Recipe Courtesy of: Léonce Blanc

Banana + chocolate? It's a match made in heaven! Whip up this mouth-watering Ganache recipe for the perfect bonbon filling, using our premier fruit purées from Léonce Blanc.


600g           Léonce Blanc Banana Purée 

50g             Léonce Blanc Lime Purée

160g           Sugar

300g           Cream

150g           Invert Sugar

2300g         Dark Chocolate

100g           Butter (diced)


1.) Partially melt the chocolate.

2.) Heat the banana purée, lime purée, and sugar to 185°F.

3.) Bring the cream to a boil and add the sugar-purée mixture.

4.) Immediately add the partially melted chocolate and invert sugar.

5.) Add the diced butter and mix to make an emulsion.

6.) Pour this mixture into a frame and leave to set.

7.) Turn out and brush with a very thin layer of chocolate. Once set, turn over.

8.) Cut the chocolate with a guitar or by hand.

9.) Dip the chocolate bonbons in tempered milk chocolate.

10.) Decorate and pack when dry.


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