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TREND ALERT: Top Taste Trends

TREND ALERT: Top Taste Trends

A half-naked elderflower cake against a light backdrop topped with flowers.

Cool, creative, and full of yummy desserts! Here you will find the latest and greatest products and techniques for flavoring, glazing, catering, and more. Embrace your creativity, curiosity, and stay alert with this year’s trends!


1. Black and Mirror Glaze: Smooth, different, and an extra shine.


The glaze trend took the culinary world by storm, producing dozens of designs for galaxy glaze donuts, mirror cakes, glazed mousse cakes, and more. One of the most interesting and sexy glaze trends though, was the use of black glaze to create dark, sultry desserts. To get that look, use our Glacage Express Extra Noir glaze. Its dark chocolate and intense black color immediately gives a visibly luxurious and smooth, glossy texture with a delicate flavor (DGF 2369).

For a clear but equally stunning glaze look, use our Mirror Glaze (24977). It is ready-to-use right out of the pail, with no need to heat! If desired, mix with any color or flavor paste to achieve the look you want. Regardless of choice, the glaze with allow your desserts to shimmer.

Two glazed entremets in small white dishes.

2. Floral Flavors


You no longer have to scour stores or check your garden--floral flavoring has never been easier. Dreidoppel’s Elderflower Flavor Paste allows you to quickly and effortlessly flavor any mousse, pastry, or icing with this year’s most popular flavor! 

Abstract plated dessert with orange and elderflower spheres and crushed meringue

3. Top 5 Convenience Items


  • Ready-to-fill Pastry Shells
    Try one of our sweet, savory, or chocolate mini tart shells and let your customers experience a little bit of pastry heaven.
  • Chocolate Cups
    Our selection of chocolate cups is the perfect foundation for a myriad of delectable treats. Just fill with mousse or pastry cream and garnish with one of our gorgeous decorations. Create professional looking and tasting desserts in minutes.
  • Dreidoppel Flavor Paste
    Dreidoppel Fruit and Flavor Pastes are available in 40+ flavors, are shelf-stable, and are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way! Time and labor saving- this is your secret kitchen ingredient!
  • Dessert Mousse Mixes
    We offer an exceptional assortment of convenient and labor-saving mousse and dessert mixes. They pair perfectly with any Dreidoppel Flavor Paste, giving you endless dessert filling and topping possibilities.
  • Chocolate Decor, Toppings, and Pencils
    The proper garnish adds a note of grace to your creation. Our line of decorations, toppings, and pencils are the little stroke of genius that elevates your pastry or confection. Eager to know more? Check out our Top 10 Convenient Products blog for more products that will make your culinary life easier.


4. Ready-to-Serve Frozen Minis


Macarons, cannolos, cream puffs, and eclairs! There’s no rule in the culinary world that states that fast and easy can’t be gourmet. Frozen miniature desserts are simple: just thaw and eat. This process makes life easy when time is not on your side, but you don’t have to sacrifice the look or taste of the overall product. Our artisan French macarons are filled with the finest buttercream, ganache, or jams. Our cannolos are filled with decadent dark or white chocolate mousse, enrobed in a crunchy wafer exterior. And cream puffs and eclairs? A whole new level of pure dairy whipped cream perfection. All of these frozen treats come in various flavors, sizes, and fillings. So many to choose from, you won’t be able to decide on just one!

An image of a cream puff topped with cream, crispearls and chocolate decor.

5. Mocktails


The elegance of a cocktail without the alcohol! One of this year’s inspiring trends is the mocktail; not only does it give the option to serve to a larger audience, but it gives you the ability to be creative and make unique drink concoctions! Dreidoppel’s Flavor Pastes and Léonce Blanc Fruit Purees offer over 50+ flavors to mix and create festive drinks. 2 of our favorite creations? We call them the Berry Spritzer and Tangy Twister. See ingredients below.


6. Vegan Gelato


Keep up with the Vegan lifestyle and health trend! Now you can enjoy rich, creamy, and vegan-friendly gelato with our Trilonga 35 Vegan Ice Cream and Gelato Base (DRE 50408 7). Use it with any milk substitute to accommodate people with lactose intolerance and nut and dairy allergies. It is also great for sorbets! Simply add fruit juice and you’ve got yourself a delicious, chilled treat.


7. Texture


This year is all about the textures! Is it smooth, crunchy, sticky? You decide! Textured desserts include brittles, crunchy nut bars, glazed cakes, and more. For example, combine melted chocolate, colored cocoa butter, Nib Clusters (LUK G502), and pistachios into molds, let it set, and voila! You’ve got easy textured dessert galore.

Use our Bienneta Florentine Mix (DRE 33518 6) to make Florentine cookies and other crispy desserts, like brittles. A cool design tip: crack the brittle into pieces and use it as a decoration/topping for cakes!

various Chocolate brittles topped with chocolate chips and dried fruit.

8. Healthy


Best. News. EVER: CHOCOLATE IS HEALTHY FOR YOU. Our manufacturer, Luker Chocolate, has Cacao Fino de Aroma chocolates that promote:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Nervous system health
  • Digestive health
  • And…general, sweet happiness!
Chocolate is rich in minerals and antioxidants. So next time you crave that piece of chocolate, don’t feel too bad—your body might actually need it!


Have you been keeping up with these top trends? Step up your game and be a part of these trends, develop ideas, and make sure to check back in the future for next year's trends!

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