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Bitter Almond Baking Flavor

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Gives cakes and pastries a delicious taste of almond. This product has a more pronounced and natural almond flavor than traditional extracts and the low dosage amount makes it a great value!

Dosage: 0.30% (3 g:1000 g)

Pack Size: 2.2 lb

Applications: Specially suitable to flavor all kinds of doughs and masses. They ensure an optimal distribution of the flavor inside the dough/mass and have an outstanding baking and freezing stability.


  • Kosher
  • Bake-Stable
  • Recommended for pound cakes and sponge cakes
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About Dreidoppel: Dreidoppel is the world’s premier manufacturer of flavorings and specialty ingredients for pastry, confection and ice cream producers around the world. Based in Germany, the company has over 100 years of experience producing fine fruit, nut, coffee and liquor flavorings for culinary professionals.