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Pink Tonic Drink Recipe

Pink Tonic Drink Recipe

leonce blanc pink tonic drinks in glasses with decorative foliage.

Recipe courtesy of : Léonce Blanc

Recreate this effervescent Pink Tonic featuring three explosive fruit purées from Léonce Blanc: Blackcurrant, Grapefruit and Lime! Mixed with tonic and garnished with fresh mint, this fizzy, handcrafted beverage is perfect for summer sips or adding some brightness to a seasonal menu. Cheers! 


40ml (1.35 oz)           Leonce Blanc Blackcurrant Puree

60ml (2.03 oz)           Leonce Blanc Pink Grapefruit Puree

50ml (1.70 oz)           Leonce Blanc Lime Puree

1                               Pomegranate

                                 Tonic Water

                                 Ice Cubes

                                 Fresh Mint (for presentation)


1.) Cut the skin of the pomegranate into 4 equal segments from the top to the bottom to reach the seeds.

2.) Immerse it in a salad bowl full of water, then remove the skin and delicately release the seeds.

3.) Pour the seeds into a sieve to drain.

4.) Share the lime, blackcurrant, and grapefruit purees between the glasses, stir and add ice cubes.

5.) Add tonic to taste, then the pomegranate seeds and mint.


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