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Passionfruit, Vanilla and Mint Ice Cream

Passionfruit, Vanilla and Mint Ice Cream

Passionfruit Puree Ice Cream topped with passionfruit puree and mint leaf.

Recipe courtesy of : Léonce Blanc

A summer favorite: Crème fraîche is combined with passionfruit purée, mint leaves and vanilla for a refreshing warm weather treat.


Section 1: Room Temperature:

2683g                       Water (34.81%) 

140g                         Mint leaves (2%)

14g                           Vanilla pod (0.2%)

Section 2: At 77°F (25°C):


558g                         Fat-free milk powder (7.96%)


Section 3: At 95°F (35°C):


Crème fraîche, 35% fat (22.84%)


Section 4: At 113°F (45°C):

986g                         Sugar (14.09%)

21g                           Stabilizer (0.3%)

140g                         Glucose powder 36/39 DE (2%)



Section 5: Before churning:

1000g                      Passionfruit Purée (14.2%)

                                adjust the weight to 7000g if necessary.

Total: 7001g (100%)


    • Dry extract 37%
    • Sugar level 19.2
    • Total fats 8.08%
    • Milk fat 8%
    • Display temperature 55.29°F (12.94°C)




1.) Put the room temperature ingredients from section 1 into the pasteurizer and set to high.

2.) Add in the ingredients from sections 2-4 in the order shown, and at the temperatures indicated at high speed, then pasteurize. 


1.) Leave the flavors to develop for at least 4 hours to a maximum for 16:18 hours, at 35.6°F (2°C) and add the ingredients before churning, then churn.


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