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Lime and Lemon Iced Mousse

Lime and Lemon Iced Mousse

Recipe Courtesy of: Leonce Blanc

Lime and Lemon iced mousse

A refreshing treat, perfect for summer soirées! Kick back, relax and cool off with this sweet Lime and Lemon Iced Mousse recipe from Léonce Blanc.


500g        Sugar

300g        Leonce Blanc Lemon Puree

240g        Leonce Blanc Lime Puree

240g        Egg Whites

100g        Glucose Syrup

500g        Single Cream 35% Fat 


1.) Whisk the cream to soft peaks. Chill.

2.) Make the Italian meringue:

  • Slowly whisk the egg whites in the machine.
  • Heat the lemon purée and sugar to 250°F and pour over the egg whites with the machine on high speed.

3.) Heat the lime purée and the glucose to 104°F and add the meringue when it is at the same temperature. Delicately fold in the whipped cream. 

4.) Pipe immediately, then freeze. 


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