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Homemade Flavored Fondant

Homemade Flavored Fondant

homemade flavored fondant cake


60 g Water, warm
30 g Sanett (DRE 33066 2)
45 g Dreidoppel Flavor Paste
50 g Glucose or White Corn Syrup
20 g Glycerin
685 g Powdered Sugar, sifted


  1. Put warm water in a small bowl, mix with Sanett and let it bloom for about 5 minutes.
  2. Whisk Dreidoppel Flavor Paste of your choice, glucose or corn syrup, and glycerin into the warm gelatin.
  3. Pour the warm gelatin mixture into the sugar and mix with a dough hook until most of the sugar is incorporated.
  4. Scrape all the dough onto a marble or smooth surface like a silicone pastry mat and knead fondant until smooth ball forms.
  5. Wrap fondant completely in plastic wrap and allow to set for 8 hours.
  6. Before use, knead the fondant until smooth and supple. Roll out on a surface dusted with powdered sugar.


  • If dough seems too sticky, knead in more powdered sugar until smooth.
  • When not using the fondant, cover the fondant so it doesn't get dry and form a skin.
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