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Photo of an almond joy-inspired brownie loaf served on a cutting board with chocolate meringue

Coconut "Almond Joy" Brownies

Photo of a brownie loaf served on a cutting board with chocolate meringue

Pictured above: Almond Joy-inspired brownie loaf topped with a layer of creamy coconut almond filling and meringue swirled with Macondo Luker Chocolate.

Chocolatey, coconut-y heaven! These Coconut "Almond Joy" Brownies from Pastry Chef Jessica Ellington are nothing short of paradise: a rich brownie base is topped with layers of a sweet coconut almond filling and light, airy meringue swirled with chocolate. 

Recipe by: Jessica Ellington

Yield: 1 standard loaf



Brownie Ingredients:

4 oz (114g)               Macondo Dark Chocolate

4 oz (114g)               Butter, unsalted

.17 oz (5g)                Espresso Flavor Paste

3.53 oz (100g)          Granulated sugar

5.29 oz (150g)          Dark brown sugar

.11 oz (3g)                Kosher salt

5.29 oz (150g)          Eggs, room temperature 

4.41 oz (125g)          All-purpose flour

.74 oz (21g)              Luker Natural Cocoa Powder 22-24%


Coconut Almond Layer Ingredients:

 3.35 oz (100g)         Sweetened condensed milk

2.47 oz (70g)            Unsweetened shredded coconut

1 oz (28g)                 Slivered almonds, toasted

.07 oz (2g)                Kosher salt


Meringue Ingredients:

3.17 oz (90g)           Egg whites, room temperature

5.29 oz (150g)         Granulated sugar

.11 oz (3g)               Kosher salt

.15 oz (4.5g)            Cornstarch

1 oz (28g)                Macondo Dark Chocolate





1.) Preheat convection oven to 325°F. Line a standard loaf pan with parchment paper and spray with a non-stick spray.

2.) Melt the chocolate and butter together.

3.) Whisk in coffee flavor paste, sugars and salt.

4.) Whisk eggs in, one at a time.

5.) Stir in flour and cocoa powder.

6.) Pour batter into lined, greased loaf pan and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the top becomes dull and is beginning to set (edges will feel firm, but the center will remain soft). Remove from oven.

7.) While the brownie is baking, prepare the coconut almond layer and meringue.


Coconut Almond Layer: 

1.) Stir all ingredients together. When brownie is finished with initial baking, lightly spread coconut mixture onto hot brownie, avoiding the edges of the pan.


Swiss Meringue:

1.) Place egg whites, sugar and salt in a heat proof bowl over a double boiler. Stir with a rubber spatula until the mixture reaches 160°F.

2.) In the bowl of a stand mixer, begin whipping mixture on high speed until stiff peaks form and mixture has cooled to room temperature. Lower mixer speed to medium-low and continue whipping until initial baking time of brownie has 1-2 minutes remaining.

3.) Once the brownie is topped with the coconut almond layer, remove the meringue from the mixer and fold in the cornstarch.

4.) Top the coconut almond layer with the meringue, covering the entire surface all the way to the edges.

5.) Drizzle the melted chocolate on top and lightly swirl together. Add decorative peaks, if desired.

14.) Reduce convection oven temperature to 250°F and continue baking brownie for 30-40 minutes more or until meringue is set.

A slice of almond coconut brownie served on a plate, showing layers of chocolate brownie, creamy coconut filling and meringue topping swirled with chocolate

Pictured above: A generous slice of Chef Jessica Ellington's Coconut "Almond Joy" Brownie reveals scrumptious layers of rich, chocolatey brownie, creamy coconut almond filling, and an airy meringue topping swirled with luscious dark chocolate.

Recipe Notes:


*Not a dark chocolate fan? Swap out the Macondo Chocolate for one of our other gourmet chocolate couvertures.

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