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Chocolate and Coconut Candy

Chocolate and Coconut Candy

Chocolate and Coconut Candies - chocolate with white spots.

Recipe courtesy of : Léonce Blanc

An indulgent treat! Dark chocolate bonbons are filled with a coconut crumble base and decadent coconut white chocolate ganache.


Coconut Crumble

100g                         Butter

100g                         Brown Sugar

100g                         Flour

100g                         Grated coconut


Coconut Ganache


250g                        Frozen Coconut Purée 

30g                          Glucose

40g                          Coconut Malibu Rum

480g                        White chocolate



50g                         Cocoa butter

2g                           White chocolate

2000g                     Dark couverture chocolate 65% 



Coconut Crumble 

1.) Mix the chilled ingredients until it forms a homogenous paste.

2.) Grate and bake at 320°F (160°C) until obtaining a homogenous color.

3.) Cool and incorporate 45g of melted butter.


Coconut Ganache

1.) In a pan, boil the coconut purée, glucose and the Coconut Malibu Rum.

2.) Pour on the white chocolate, previously melted.

3.) Emulsify with the beater and set aside.


Coconut Ganache

1.) Heat the cocoa butter at 104°F (40°C).

2.) Add the white liposoluble coloring. Mix.

3.) At 86°F (30°C), make drops in the chocolate molds with the cocoa butter and coloring mixture.

4.) Temper dark chocolate and line the cabosse molds. Let crystallize. 


Recipe Notes:

Special Equipment Requirements: 4 Cabosse baking pan. 


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