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Brushstroke Technique with Chocolate Confectionery

Brushstroke Technique with Chocolate Confectionery

Cupcakes with pink and yellow brushstroke chocolate decor

Add an artistic flair to cakes, cupcakes and more using this simple yet creative brushstroke technique! All you need is some white couverture, cocoa butter and Dreidoppel Flavor Paste to customize.


1000g                   White Couverture

50g                       Cocoa Butter

50g                       Dreidoppel Flavor Paste 


1.) Melt couverture and cocoa butter. Add paste of your choice and mix thoroghly until a homogenous mass has formed.

2.) Place dots of the confectionery mass on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

3.) Spread dots with a brush.

4.) Set aside to cool and harden.


Brushstrokes as Individual Decoration

To professionally stick the brushstrokes to a cake: simply arrange a dot of buttercream on the surface of the cake and press the brushstroke gently in place.

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