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Blackcurrant Ganache for Truffles or Molded Chocolates

Blackcurrant Ganache for Truffles or Molded Chocolates

Blackcurrant Ganache truffles dusted in cocoa powder

Experience the exquisite flavor of Leonce Blanc's fruit purees with this delectable Blackcurrant Ganache recipe! 



10 oz (285g)        Leonce Blanc Blackcurrant Puree 

7.4 oz (210g)       Dark Chocolate

6.5 oz (185g)       Butter

                            Empty Milk Chocolate Truffle Shells

                            Cocoa Powder


  1. Heat the Blackcurrant Puree to 185° F.
  2. Pour the puree over the melted chocolate in 3 batches.
  3. Mix with a spatula starting from the center to create the emulsion.
  4. Continue to mix while pouring to keep this emulsion.
  5. Add the butter in cubes and stir, trying to incorporate as little air as possible.
  6. Let cool, cover on contact, and store in a cool place for a minimum of 2 hours.
  7. Using a disposable bag and a plain nozzle, pipe the ganache into the milk chocolate shells.
  8. Close the shells with tempered milk chocolate.
  9. Allow to freeze then cover them by hand with tempered milk chocolate and roll them in the cocoa powder. Let the chocolate set.


Pack in airtight boxes and keep in a cool place. 

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