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Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet Shop Must Haves

Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet Shop Must Haves

Whether you’re the creator or consumer, listen up ice cream, gelato, and sorbet lovers! ifiGOURMET’s assortment of gelato ingredients will really make you scream for ice cream. We offer these specific ingredients because of their ease of use, versatility, and unbeatable flavor. So what makes them different than other ingredients on the market? We turned to our Dreidoppel Chef, Joan Repato, to get the low down. Read more to find out!

Meet the Pro: Joan Repato

A woman in a white chefs smock against a dark backdrop

Chef Joan Repato is an ifiGOURMET West Sales Rep and works as the Dreidoppel Technical and Sales Advisor for the US market. With over 25 years in the industry, Chef Repato has experience in many dessert arenas, including ice cream and gelato.

The Brand- Dreidoppel/Gelatop

Dreidoppel is the world’s premier manufacturer of flavorings and specialty ingredients for pastry, confection, and ice cream producers around the world, and the products speak for themselves. If you are looking for a cleaner, vibrant, more natural taste, Dreidoppel stands out amongst other brands.

Gelatop, Dreidoppel’s gelato line, features ice cream pastes for dairy and fruit ice cream, ice cream binding agents for the perfect consistency, and sauces to round off the flavor and appearance of your ice cream creation.


A heaping metal tin filled with chocolate gelato surrounded by cocoa beans

Dreidoppel Ice Cream bases:

  • Triva 50 Ice Cream Base: ice cream powder to prepare dairy ice cream. Perfectly suitable in conjunction with Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes.
  • Trirapido 50 Ice Cream Base: Very good fusion, smooth, full-bodied and rich, clean taste even after several days of storage. Particularly suitable for cold process production.
  • Trilonga 35 Fruit Ice Cream Base: our vegan solution! This neutral formula allows fruit flavors to shine. Smooth and spreadable with perfect storage properties and consistent quality. Lactose free!
  • Trifrutta 50 Fruit Ice Cream Base: the perfect foundation for all fruit ice creams. Vegan. Combine with any Dreidoppel Flavor Paste for intense flavor!

All in One- Base/Binding/Flavor Mixes:

But Which Base Do I Use?

Lucky for you, all of our bases can be used to make gelato, ice cream, popsicles, soft serve, etc. Your recipe will change depending on the base, but you are able to determine whichever base fits your needs! After working with all the bases, Chef Repato’s recommendations are:

  • More control of your ingredients (more or less sugar, more or less cream, etc): Trilonga 35
  • Fruit Sorbets or Vegan ice cream: Trifrutta 50
  • Milk based ice cream: Triva 50
  • Simple, minimal measuring, all in one solution: Pronto Mix. Just add water or milk!

Vegan Based Options

Our Trilonga 35 and Trifrutta 50 allow restaurants and ice cream shops to offer a vegan based option! These two vegan ice cream bases are easy to use and provide a creamy consistency. They are acid stable, natural, freeze and bake stable, and lactose free. Not only that, but they also combine well with all Dreidoppel and Gelatop Flavor Pastes, Marmorias, Dessert Sauces, and more.

Marmorias and Dessert Sauces- What are They? What’s the Difference?

Dreidoppel’s Marmorias are used to marble into gelato. Their texture and consistency is similar to fruit jam- thick but not as sweet. They can also be used in baked items like marbling it in a cheesecake or used as a filling in frozen slab pies.

Dreidoppel’s Dessert Sauces are thinner than Marmorias and typically used for drizzling on top of desserts or creating plated dessert designs. They also come in an easy-to-use bottle with a small nozzle, allowing you to have more control of the amount of sauce that comes out.

Tip: How to Best Flavor Gelato

If you are using Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes to flavor your gelato, mix the paste in with the liquid ingredients. If you are using a powdered flavor, mix it in with the dry ingredients. Mix all the ingredients well with a stick blender and allow the entire mixture to mature for at least 20 minutes to get the best flavor outcome.

Flavor Combo Inspiration

Three images: The left most image is of white gelato with a caramel sauce. The middle image is of a white gelato with a cherry sauce. The right most is of an espresso gelato with rose petals and a chocolate sauce.
A metal tin with a heaping pile of white gelato topped with a cherry sauce and surrounded with fresh cherries.

Lemon Elderflower Mascarpone Gelato Recipe

You’ve read all about our bases, sauces, and flavors, so how about you put it to the test with one of Chef Repato’s favorite gelato recipes! This Lemon Elderflower Mascarpone Gelato has a soft citrus flavor, floral notes, and creamy, luscious texture. Marble in the Elderberry Marmoria and you’ve got a unique and intoxicating gelato! 


 230 g Sugar
50 g Trirapido 50
1,000 g Milk 3.5%
70 g Dairy Cream
100 g Mascarpone Powdered Ice Cream Flavor
3 g Lemon Noblesse Paste
50 g Elderflower Flavor Paste
As desired Elderberry Marmoria



1.) Mix all the dry ingredients.

2.) Add the liquids and mix it very well with a stick blender.

3.) Allow mixture to mature by waiting 20 minutes.

4.) Pour mixture into ice cream machine, freeze, and create gelato.

5.) As the gelato starts coming out of the machine, stop half way and marble in the Elderberry Marmoria if desired.

6.) Continue to allow gelato to come out. Marble in more Elderberry Marmoria if desired.

7.) Drizzle and decorate the top of the gelato.


A Cherry on Top…

Our assortment of ice cream and gelato products allow your business to flourish easily! From ice cream bases to delicious tasting marmoria toppings, you will fall in love with the real, delicious tasting flavors we have to offer. View all gelato, ice cream, and topping options now!

Contact Us

Ice cream- what better conversation starter? We are here as your resource for all questions regarding Gelatop products, working with ice cream and gelato, or flavor combination favorites. We aim to provide the utmost customer service to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Please feel free to direct any Dreidoppel/Gelatop questions to Chef Repato at

For all other questions or inquiries, please email our customer service department at or if located in CA or Reno, NV and we will direct you to the proper salesperson.

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