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Fault Line Cake: Sprinkle Technique

Fault Line Cake: Sprinkle Technique

A pink cake with a multicolored stripe of sprinkles across the center against a gray backdrop. A silver spatula sits on top of a white napkin next to the cake.

Classically, Nonpareilles are used in the fault line but you can use pretty much anything to get the desired look. Be creative! Crushed biscuits, jelly bears and sprinkles in different shapes and colors will also be eye-catchers. Use this super simple technique for a stunning cake!

Sprinkle Technique


1.) Coat the area of the later fault line all around with cream.

A vanilla cake with a crumb-coat of buttercream across the center, against a gray backdrop.

2.) Decorate the cream with sprinkles.

A vanilla cake with a buttercream crumb-coat being coated with multicolored sprinkles against a gray backdrop.

3.) Coat the remaining cake thickly with cream, avoiding the fault line. Smooth out.

A pink cake with a multicolored sprinkle stripe across the center having it's frosting smoothed out against a gray backdrop.

It's as simple as that! Stunning desserts in three easy steps. Perfect for any event!

Tried out this technique, or have some cake decorating skills you'd like to share? Tag us on social @ifiGourmet with #GourmetSweets for a chance to get featured across our channels! Happy baking!

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