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Choosing the Best Chocolate

Choosing the Best Chocolate


Two cacao pods opened. to reveal the ripe cocoa beans on top of a pile of roasted cocoa beans.

To create the best recipe every single ingredient must be perfect. Here are some points that should be taken under consideration when making the decision of what kind of chocolate is the best.



There are three different cocoa tree varieties: Forastero (or amazonico), which is very resistant against diseases but acidic and bitter, it is mainly produced in the biggest cocoa producing countries located in Africa and Asia. The criollo variety, which is very scarce and less resistant against diseases is characterized by its fine flavor and aroma. The third variety, trinitarian cocoa, is the result of a cross between the criollo and forastero varieties and preserves the best characteristics of both.

Flavor: Cacao Fino de Aroma


Cacao Fino de Aroma (Fine flavor cocoa) is described by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) as a cocoa with Fruity and flowery aromas and flavor with nutty malt notes. Criollo and Trinitarian varieties are considered cacao Fino de Aroma or fine flavor cocoas.

"Only 8% of the cocoa produced in the world is cacao Fino de Aroma, 76 % of which is produced in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela." 

A small pile of Dark, Milk, and White chocolate couverture

Ethical and Sustainable Trading Practice


The question might arise in many people whether the money will reach the right place in case of companies promoting ethical trade, i.e whether the farmer will get a fair payment.

There are several points of view about this question, but it can be declared that a chocolate factory will benefit only if the farmer is motivated enough and can rely on a long-term collaboration.

Two men with a donkey in between in a cocoa tree filed harvesting cacao pods.

Luker Chocolate, a Colombian enterprise with over 100 years of experience in the South American chocolate market, has developed a range of Single Origin Chocolate couvertures made with Cacao Fino de Aroma each with a specific flavor that reflects the country's geographic and cultural diversity. Luker Chocolate understands the importance of preserving the diversity of the Fine Flavor cocoa around the country. That's why it works, not only to develop a single origin portfolio that shows the best examples of this diversity, but also to support the farmers, teaching them how to preserve the Fine Flavor quality. Farmers are trained to identify and choose the best tree varieties in terms of yield and uniqueness of flavor and to understand the importance of the post-harvesting process to maintain the quality of the beans, thus improving the reputation of and the demand for Colombian cacao. This is undertaken by the R&D department together with a highly qualified Agricultural Development team all supported by the scientific work undertaken at Granja Luker, one of few cocoa research centers in the world.

To sum it up, we can say there are plenty of delicious chocolates around the world, but when choosing the ingredients, one should not only look at the price, but also at the quality, and whether the raw material comes from an authentic and sustainable source.


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Cassie Peterson - June 1, 2022

I am so happy that ifiGourmet is distributing Luker chocolate. I am only an amateur chocolatier, but I strive to use the most ethical and sustainable products that I can find. Someone suggested Luker for these qualities, and it also tastes wonderful. I’m about to buy more :)

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