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Make Your Desserts Shine: 5 Reasons You Need Brilliant Powders in Your Life

Make Your Desserts Shine: 5 Reasons You Need Brilliant Powders in Your Life


Shiny, multicolored macarons sit against a dark background with brilliant powder being sprinkled on top.

Enhance your desserts with a glamorous touch; Brilliant Powders are the glitz you need in your life. Get creative with these vibrant, simple to use products. Give your products an eye-catching look that customers will be attracted to and unable to refuse. Read on to see the different uses and effects these glamorous powders can have and 5 reasons you absolutely need them.

1. They are...Stunningly Beautiful.


Leave a little sparkle wherever you go! Whether it is a gentle sprinkle or dosing the dessert in glitter, the glimmer will be hard to ignore. It is the impact your pastry case needs and the shine will instantly elevate any dessert and increase your profit margin!

2. Colors Galore


Yes, silver and gold are classic, but what about those unicorn cupcakes that need a little bit of pink pizazz? PurColour's Brilliant Powders come in a variety of colors in iridescent, glitter, and metallic options, giving you the ability to broaden your color and sparkle horizons. Transform a plain vanilla frosted cupcake into a shimmering snow replica with the Silver Glitter Brilliant Powder, or add dimensional magic to mermaid scales with the glittering Sea Green powder. Whether you are going for elegance or fun, our colorful glitter cannot fail.

Various rolled bon-bons in fall colors sit against a white background.

3. No Dietary Worries


It's always a comforting feeling to be able to enjoy something that's pretty, but also eatable. These powders are FDA approved, natural, and kosher! This allows for a wider audience to purchase and enjoy those sparkle topped scrumptious goodies.

a pile of shiny rose colored curled chocolate sits against a white background.

4. Easy to Use


Brilliant Powders show that a little goes a long way, and make your job easier too. Simply use a paint brush to dab the glitter onto your chocolate confections, or put chocolate toppings or macarons in a bag to shake; shaking the sweets in a bag of Brilliant Powder results in a look that's sure to be a stunner. The best part? It took you almost no effort.

Three bon-bons wit to the right of the image dusted with shiny brilliant powder. A brush sits to the left of them.

5. Put a Spotlight on Your Creative Side


Uniqueness is something all chefs strive for- it is what separates them from the masses. Show your customers your creative side by adding Brilliant Powders to your desserts. We believe that dessert is an art form; create a jaw-dropping mosaic cake that people will have to see to believe. Cover shards of chocolate with Brilliant Powder and stick them on your cake. Accentuate fondant roses with glittered Ruby tips. Use these powders and transform a simple cake to an overall look of luxury.

A large cube cake sits on a plate on a wooden table. The cake is decorated with edible mosaic tiles and topped with purple fondant roses and gray fondant leaves, edged with copper brilliant powder. Leaves and white flowers sit in front of the cake, with wooden boards in the background.

You can't get this type of luster anywhere else. PurColour's Brilliant Powders: the glitz you need in your life.


Have you tried our selection of PurColour Brilliant Powders? We'd love to see your sweet creations! Tag us on social @ifiGOURMET with #GourmetSweets!

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