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Trirapido 50 Ice Cream Base

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For Dairy Ice Cream Preparations. Very good fusion, smooth, full-bodied and rich, clean taste even after several days of storage. It is particularly suitable for cold process production.

Brand: Dreidoppel

Dosage: 50 g: 1 liter

Pack Size: 5.5 lb


  • Vegetable Fat Free
  • Hot Process & Cold Process option
  • Gluten Free
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  • 230-250 g Sugar
  • 50 g Trirapido 50
  • 1000 g Milk 3.50%
  • 50 g Dairy Cream


Cold process:

  • Whisk dry ingredients together.
  • Add milk and dairy cream and blend with a power stick blender.
  • Add flavoring compound and blend again.
  • Allow to mature for at least 20 minutes.

Hot process:

  • Whisk dry ingredients together.
  • Add the dry mixture, milk and dairy cream to the pasteurizer and heat at approximately 122°F (50°C); pasteurizer will automatically cool down the mixture and hold it at 40 to 41 degrees.
  • Finish the pasteurizing process.Optimal maturation time is at least 6 hours.
  • Add Dreidoppel Ice Cream Paste or Flavor Paste (see individual product dosage for the amount needed) and fruit purée (optional). Blend again. If desired, fresh or frozen fruit may also be added in this step.