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Shrimp Tempura

SKU KB K0906

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A classic Asian dim sum, tempura shrimp are used in a variety of applications, ranging from: passed hors d’oeuvre / dim sum, sushi, and noodle salad accents. Our Tempura Shrimp is crafted with a traditional light tempura batter, then rolled in rice crisps, providing a unique, crunchy bite finish. Its mild batter pairs well with any Asian-style sauce (i.e. BBQ Hoison, Ponzu, Sweet Thai Chili).

Weight: 1.25 oz/pc

Pack Size:  90 ct


  • Fry or Bake and Serve
  • Labor and Time Saving
  • Medium-Large shrimp, provides a dramatic accent to side salads and noodle salads
  • Rice crisps provide a nice crunchy exterior and bite
  • Mild batter pairs nicely with most Asian-inspired sauces


Handling Instructions:
Fry at 170 - 175°C (340 - 350°F) for 5 minutes or longer until shrimp tempura becomes brown. Or, from frozen bake in a Pre-Heated 375 ºF Convection Oven for 8 - 10 minutes or longer until shrimp tempura becomes brown.


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