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Colombian Cocoa Butter Drops


Luker Chocolate cocoa butter is ideal for baking and desserts, to enhance a chocolate's fluidity, or improve texture in a preparation. Made from the oil of premium quality Cacao or Cocoa beans from South America.  Cacao has a high nutritional content, known to have more than 300 health promoting compounds.

Pack Size: 2.2 lb

Applications: Great for chocolatiers and bakeries. Cacao butter wafers can be added to smoothies, desserts or used as a cooking ingredient.


  • Natural
  • Kosher
Stocking Locations:
  • Gurnee (IL):  SPECIAL ORDER    
  • South San Francisco (CA): SPECIAL ORDER


About Luker Chocolate:
Made with 100% Fino de Aroma Cacao! Luker Chocolate is a Colombian company with a wide range portfolio of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. "Fino de Aroma" is used to describe a cacao of exquisite aroma and flavor. In this case, Luker Chocolate's cacao has fruity, floral, nut, and malt flavors and aromas that differentiates it from other cocoas in the world. Their values of tradition, sustainability, and respect to the environment set them apart in the chocolate industry.