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Molten Chocolate Cake

SKU SS 1490

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Deeply chocolate, enrobed in chocolate and filled with a dark chocolate truffle. Serve wickedly warm, unleashing a rush of molten chocolate to your customers’ wild delight. Your plates will be dressed to kill.

Weight: 5.0 oz/pc

Pack Size: 9 ct


  • Thaw and Serve
  • Labor and Time Saving

Defrosting/Handling Instructions:

    Defrost Instructions: Under Refrigeration: Defrost Overnight Room Temperature: Plate Frozen| Defrosts in 1 hour Warming Instruction: Microwave Instructions*Based on 1000 watt microwave Heat from a thawed state. Place on microwave safe serving plate.Heat on high for 35 seconds. Hot Box Instructions Set Hot Box to 135°-140° Frozen Bundts place in Hot Box for 50 Minutes Refrigerated Bundts place in Hot Box for 35 Minutes.

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