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Luker 43% Oat M!lk Chocolate Mousse

Luker 43% Oat M!lk Chocolate Mousse

Luker M!lk Chocolate mousse

You'll want to put this silky, fluffy Oat M!lk Chocolate Mousse on literally everything! It's vegan, all natural, kosher and GMO free, giving you the freedom to create desserts for various dietary restrictions. 

Recipe by: Chef Jimmy MacMillan


120g        Luker 43% Oat M!lk Chocolate 

40g          Maple or Agave Syrup

2g            Vanilla Extract

40g          Plant-based Creamer (we used Oat Milk Creamer)

100g        Aquafaba (unsalted)


1.) In a bowl over a double boiler, combine chocolate, syrup, vanilla extract, and plant creamer.

2.) Melt to combine. Stir well. Remove from hear. Cool to 95°F (35°C).

3.) In the bowl of a stand mixer with whip attachment, whip Aquafaba* for 8-10 minutes until stiff peaks form.

4.) Gently fold in 10% of Aquafaba meringue into chocolate mixture.

5.) Add the remaining 90% of Aquafaba meringue and fold from the outside of bowl to the inside until completely combined with chocolate mixture.

6.) Chill to set or fill glasses and/or mold then freeze to set.

*Aquafaba used is the strained liquid from chick peas, canned or fresh. 


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