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Scroll Heart (Seasonal)

SKU GL611902

BRAND: ifigourmet

A semisweet chocolate heart with a scroll design.

Celebrate each day with our Everyday Decor collection! A variety of celebratory exclamations, shapes, and designs that are ready to top and complete your immaculate desserts.


Ordering Deadline:

  • Order by 12/3/2021 for all US states except CA or Reno, NV.
  • Order by 12/23/2021 if located in CA or Reno, NV. 

Dimensions: 1.50" x 1.25"

Pack Size: 192 ct


  • Kosher
  • Unique Design
  • Decor that is also edible!
  • Made on semisweet chocolate
Stocking Locations:
  • Gurnee (IL):  STOCK    
  • South San Francisco (CA): STOCK


About the Everyday Decor Collection: ifiGOURMET wanted to create a collection of decor pieces that incorporate modern design elements that can be used on any dessert, even without a special occasion; we believe that every day is something to celebrate!