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Premium Maryland Lump Crab Cake



Fresh, sweet Blue Swimming jumbo lump crab meat, accompanied by a light savory blend of Old Bay seasoning, zesty Dijon mustard, creamy mayonnaise, and fresh hand-cut green onions. Maryland style crab cakes are a timeless classic hors d’oeuvre and / or entrée that have graced dining menus throughout all types of establishments. The perfect flavor of Old Bay seasoning and sweet lump crab meat pairs well as a casual basket item with fresh hand-cut fries and a remoulade sauce, or dressed up with a hollandaise sauce and fresh asparagus for those black-tie events. Kabobs’ Premium Maryland Lump Crab Cakes consist of fresh Blue Swimming jumbo lump crab meat, paired with Old Bay seasoning, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, and fresh green onions.

Weight: 0.75 oz/pc

Pack Size:  100 ct


  • Bake & Serve
  • Labor and Time Saving
  • Premium upscale item
  • Jumbo lump crab meat, no fillers
  • Timeless / classic hors d’oeuvre and entrée


Handling Instructions:
Bake @ 350 convection for 10-12 minutes or until done.

From frozen - sauté medium heat 7 minutes each side or until done.

Stocking Locations:

  • Gurnee (IL):  NOT AVAILABLE   
  • South San Francisco (CA): SPECIAL ORDER