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Mini Croissant Assortment


3 mini pastries from Four à Idées’ Plaisir line: Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, and Pain au Raisins.

Thawing Temperature and Time: Room Temp. for 15 min

Baking Temperature and Time: 355°F for 18-20 min

Weight: 2.65 oz/pc

Pack Size: 135 ct/45 of each variety


  • Natural
  • Made with Pure Butter and Prepoofed for Your Convenience
  • Thaw, Bake, and Serve
  • Labor and Time Saving
Stocking Locations:
  • Gurnee (IL):  STOCK    
  • South San Francisco (CA): STOCK

Everything Else You Need to Know About Four à Idées: