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Genmix Sponge Cake Mix


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PatisFrance Genmix Sponge Cake is one preparation to carry out all types of Genoise cakes. Makes cakes light with an airy texture that can be used to make other cakes and bases. Try enhancing with baking flavors!

Brand: PatisFrance

Pack Size: 22 lbs

Pour 1000g (33.8 oz) GENMIX, 600g (20 oz) whole eggs, and 180g(6 oz) water into a mixing bowl. Beat 30 seconds at low speed and 8 minutes at maximum speed. Pour the mixture into the greased cake pans, filling up to 3/4.  Bake 180-190 °C (350-375 °F)


  • Bake-Stable
  • Labor and Time Saving
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