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Mini Eggshell Dish - 4.4 oz

SKU PS34010


Solia Egg single portion with top; 4.4 oz; clear, plastic, (Case of 210). The product is recyclable. It can withstand temperatures from 0 to 158 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Solia Eggshell single portion is perfect for your appetizers, chocolates, cocktails, and refined delicacies. It is made out of recyclable plastic and is easily disposable. This product takes the shape of an egg, creating an element of surprise for your customers! Thin transparent lines envelop the shell, creating a fun and attractive dish.

The egg’s transparency allows Chefs to put forward the different elements of their culinary creation. In addition, this surprising and imaginative eggshell truly captures and projects a mesmerizing and memorable visual.

Pack Size: 210 ct

Capacity: 4.4 oz

Product dimensions: 3.8" H x 2.9" D

Stocking Locations:
  • Gurnee (IL):  NOT AVAILABLE    
  • South San Francisco (CA): SPECIAL ORDER