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In 1979, in Reading, Pennsylvania, Sandy Solmon started baking classic American cookies in a 2-bay garage. Tirelessly testing recipes and ingredients, she struck the perfect balance: a harmonization of flavor, texture, and the elusive dimension of artfulness, the je ne sais quoi, that separates good cookies from great ones. As her cookies caught on and the following for her small production grew, Sandy’s dessert portfolio expanded and Sweet Street Desserts was born.

Today, Sweet Street is the leading innovator in the dessert industry. They challenge themselves to source authentic ingredients, from hand-selected South American chocolates to locally harvested crisp apples, as part of their rigorous, collaborative explorations to improve their existing recipes and actualize our ever-evolving ideas and inspirations. They then gather around the tasting table and taste for the same qualities that made their customers fall in love with our first batch of cookies.

The sweetness of dessert is beloved by every culture on this planet of ours. In this spirit, all of the people at Sweet Street invite you to a culinary experience destined to be shared with cherished family and friends.

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  • High Quality Ingredients 
  • Labor and Time Saving 
  • Serve as They Come or Decorate to Your Desire. 

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