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Stuffed Foods

Stuffed Foods

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Stuffed Foods has developed a unique line of products that will enhance your menu - from center-of-the-plate to sides, small plates, appetizers and bar menu offerings. Their traditional culinary techniques, fresh ingredients and customized machinery enable them to create scratch quality and distinctive dishes. Think familiar with a new spin, comfort food with a twist! Stuffed Foods knows that their products are only as good as the ingredients used to make them. They are dedicated to achieving high quality through the use of fresh ingredients and a passion to prepare them the same way you do. Their commitment to process their ingredients in-house delivers the superior flavors that you demand. Whether roasting sausage, garlic cloves or Portobello mushrooms, caramelizing onions or making their own wine reductions and stocks, their techniques are bringing scratch cooking back to industrial processing. Taste the difference - your customer will. Stuffed Foods delivers the "wow" that your guests expect by modifying their equipment to preserve the integrity of the ingredients in their fillings. Their products boast chunks of ingredients such as lobster, shrimp or vegetables that are wholly identifiable by your customer and are packed with flavor. Combining made from-scratch flavors and textures and innovative products, Stuffed Foods' passion is in every bite!
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  • Scratch-made Flavors and Textures 
  • Made with Fresh, High Quality Ingredients 
  • Labor and Time Saving 
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