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Opera Patisserie

Opera Patisserie

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Since 2002 it has been Opera Patisserie's mission to create desserts for the hospitality setting that are innovative and exciting as well as beautifully presented and delicious.

With backgrounds in traditional French patisserie, their chef creates artisanal desserts that are convenient and cost effective.

Their ingredients are some of the finest available such as chocolate from Belgium, fruit purees from France as well as the best local products such as dairy items and almond flour from California. In order to help meet the needs of your guests, Opera Patisserie has created several desserts that are Gluten-free or No Sugar Added.

Opera Patisserie knows that dessert is the final impression of the dining experience, so it is imperative that they meet and compliment the level of cuisine that you, our customers, provide for your guests.

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  • Some Gluten Free and Sugar Free Options
  • Elegant, High Quality Dessert Solutions
  • Labor and Time Saving 

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