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La Mousse

La Mousse

La Mousse DessertsIts been more than 40 years since Nadine Korman created the first mousse pie in her kitchen at home. A lot has changed since then. Today La Mousse® has more than 30 employees cooking up a tantalizing selection of over 120 different desserts, shipped daily to hundreds of fine restaurants across the United States. One thing, however, has never changed - the quality.  A La Mousse® dessert tastes the same today as it did on the day when Nadine Korman first perfected it. Every La Mousse® dessert is prepared by hand using the finest quality ingredients. From the real butter to the real eggs to the real cream. From the fresh apples to the frostings applied by hand to the pecans placed by hand across each of our incredibly rich pecan pies. Others have tried their hand at competing with them, but their customers keep coming back for more. La Mousse®, in the pursuit of sweet perfection, sets the standard of quality. 

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  • Delicious Desserts Made with High Quality Ingredients
  • Thaw-and-serve
  • Labor and Time Saving 

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