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Introducing the Sweetzine, Our Newest Quarterly Email

Introducing the Sweetzine, Our Newest Quarterly Email

A pound loaf cake topped with dripping strawberry ganache and fresh strawberries.

Sweetzine: What is it?


We are excited to announce our newest email addition, Sweetzine, a quarterly email with a modern design and easy to skim content. Each email is chock-full of information, including 1) recipes, 2) new products, 3) blogs, 4) inspiration photos, and more, all in one place—just like a magazine!

A chocolate cake garnished with pistachio and candied orange slices with a piece cut out.

What to Anticipate:


Making your life easier is our goal! We will provide you with in-depth product information, ideas on how to save time and labor in the kitchen, and useful tips from pastry chefs and our own sales team! All of this information will be available in one place! Now you can easily follow links to product pages, recipes, and more on our website.

Multiple pomone lava cakes with various fruit, chocolate, and caramel decor.

What Makes This Email Stand Out?


A clean and contemporary format that is easy to read! You will be the FIRST to see newly added products, chef-tested recipes and tips, how-to blogs, company updates, and incredible inspiration photos! Simply open the Sweetzine in your email and scroll through. Make sure you add us to your approved sender list so you don’t miss out on all this amazing content!

Two images: Left image is of red and yellow fruit chews. covered in sugar. Right image is of a half-naked caramel cake with chocolate decor.

Become a Subscriber!


Get access to the latest and greatest products, information, and inspiration by subscribing to our email list and keep a look out for our Sweetzine every quarter!

An image of a jar of Dreidoppel lavender flavor paste with lavender cream tarts in the background and decorated with lavender sprigs.
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