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Fault Line Cake- Flower Technique

Fault Line Cake- Flower Technique

A purple cake with a fault line stripe across the middle, against a white backdrop. The stripe is decorated with buttercream flowers.

Make a statement at parties and events with this super easy Flower Fault Line Cake Technique! Here, we garnish the fault line with decorative buttercream flowers. Use a variety of tips and cream colors to create a variety of looks! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Flower Technique


1. Coat the area of the later fault line all around with cream. 

A vanilla cake against a gray backdrop with a crumb-coat of buttercream across the center of the cake.

2.) Coat the cake thickly with cream, avoiding the fault line. Smooth out the cream.

A cake being frosted on the top and bottom with purple frosting against a gray backdrop.

3.) Pipe buttercream flowers in the fault line. If desired, decorate the edges of the fault line with golden food coloring.

A purple cake against a gray backdrop being frosted with buttercream flowers across the center.

Achieve stunning results with minimal effort by following this Flower Fault Line cake decorating technique! Perfect for birthday parties and so much more.

Tried out this technique, or have some cake decorating skills you'd like to share? We want to see your sweet style! Tag us on social @ifiGourmet with #GourmetSweets for a chance to get featured across our social channels. Happy baking!

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