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Easy Dessert Solutions without a Pastry Chef

Easy Dessert Solutions without a Pastry Chef

Easy Dessert Solution

 No pastry chef? No problem! Check out our choices for best products and easy dessert solutions in catering.

Chocolate Covered Everything, Please


Chocolate fountains are a fan favorite. Therefore, you should be equipped with the highest-quality chocolate. Our recommendations:
  • Grand Marque 58% (GM5822). This chocolate is a work horse. It can be used for enrobing, dipping, chocolate writing, and of course, chocolate fountains.
  • Grand Marque’s Chocolate Compounds (GM WCOAT22, GM MCOAT22) are amazing coating chocolates with excellent taste, consistency, and fluidity. They also work tremendously well in chocolate fountains and there is no need to add extra fat.

Chocolate Everything Please

The Time Saving Superheroes


Your favorite thing to hear: pre-baked. Now that you’ve gained some extra time, use our ready-to-fill shells and tarts for custom creations that are perfectly sized for hor d’ouvres or appetizers.
  • Mini Cream Horns- fill them with pastry cream or whipped cream and call it a day. These babies are pre-baked and covered in sugar, so your work is minimal.
  • Mini éclairs- buttery and flaky heaven. Fill éclair shells with cream or mousse and top them with chocolate and voila: you’ve got dessert.
  • Mini tarts- a crunchy base for your creative thoughts. Fill these tart shells with mousse, ganache, mascarpone, or fresh fruit. Their size makes them easy to fill and serve as a mini collection/assortment.


Glaze It!


Finish off your dessert with a glossy glaze! Our Concentrated (CRLNEUT15) and Mirror (24977) Glazes require minimal effort and bring incredible results, straight out of the pail. Use it to top your fruit tarts, cakes, donuts, and more.




Take jam and make it gourmet! Add Grand Marque Bake Stable Apricot and Raspberry Jams to your confections. They serve as great fillings for cakes, tarts, and breakfast pastries with their strong, sweet flavors.


Easy as 1 Step!


Our 1 step Mousse Mixes are really easy for any in-house team to use: simply add whipping cream. That’s it! Use our White Chocolate (56136) or Chocolate (56134) mousse mixes for an already flavored cream, or use our Neutral Mousse Mix (56000) and customize it with Dreidoppel’s huge assortment of flavor pastes!

Mousse Mix

Feeling Saucy


Dessert Sauces are a must have chef’s ingredient for plating designs, gelato toppings, and adding top notch flavors to your desserts. These sauces don’t run and their colors are vibrant, making them easily visible, easy to use, and delicious to taste.


Dessert Sauce

 What are your favorite time saving staples? Let us know in the comments below!

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