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Dreidoppel Flavored Pancakes

Dreidoppel Flavored Pancakes


A jar of Apple flavor paste sits to the right of a plate of apple cinnamon pancakes. A white pitcher and apples sit in the background against a light gray backdrop.

Listen up, pancake lovers! Using our convenient and natural flavor pastes from Dreidoppel, it's never been easier to whip up a specialty pancake menu! From a twist on the classic banana pancake to 7 Layer Coconut Pancakes, it's easy to mix and match flavors for whatever theme you're trying to create. Finish them off with a generous syrup pour or a dusting of powdered sugar, and you're good to go!

Recipes by: Chef Barry Brooks

Everyone loves pancakes! National Pancake Day inspired us to whip up four fun flapjack recipes using our favorite flavor pastes from Dreidoppel:

Want to make multiple flavors in one batch? No problem! Start with our basic pancake batter recipe as a base for each Dreidoppel concentrated flavoring compound. Just mix, portion, flavor, and go! 

Brown Sugar Apple Pancakes


Perfect for fall! You'll want a tall stack of these fluffy, warm Brown Sugar Apple Pancakes every morning. They're addicting! To easily get that crisp, unmistakable fresh apple flavor, we incorporated our Dreidoppel Apple Flavor Paste. It's natural, made with 50% apple pulp and bake stable, so it's ideal for a vast array of sweets.

To really bring out the apple, top your pancakes with a rich brown sugar, cinnamon, and fresh apple compote.

Tip: Flavor your maple syrup with Apple Flavor Paste and pour on a generous serving, or compliment the warm flavors of this dish with a simple sprinkle of cinnamon!

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A stack of pancakes with apples on top sits on a white plate on a charcoal table. Syrup is being poured on top of the pancakes. A white pitcher and an apple sit in the background to the left against a light gray backdrop.

Bananas Foster Pancakes


Craving a vacation? These Bananas Foster Pancakes using our Banana and Jamaica Rum Flavor Pastes will whisk you away to a tropical escape. Fold our popular Banana Flavor Paste into the master pancake batter, then caramelize some ripe banana slices in light brown sugar and the Jamaica Rum paste. Yum!

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A plate of pancakes with carmelized bananas and sugared walnuts on top sits on a wooden table on a porch. A blue napkin sits in front of the plate and to the left. A bottle of coffee and a coffee cup sit behind the plate along with a bowl of candied walnuts. A large plant is in the background.

Pomegranate Pancakes with Whipped Pomegranate Butter


Light, fruity and pretty! These pancakes are unique and certainly a flavor worth trying. What really makes this recipe special is the whipped Pomegranate Butter to go on top. Garnish with some pomegranate arils for a vibrant pop of color and a sprig of mint, and voila! Syrup optional! For this recipe, we used our Pomegranate Flavor Paste.

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A food processor sits on a counter in a a kitchen. The food processor is filled with whipped butter, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate juice.
Pancakes with pomegranate butter on top in the foreground, with a whole pomegranate and a cup of pomegranate seeds in the background. A fireplace burns in the back.

7 Layer Coconut Pancakes


Like a 7 Layer Coconut Bar, but better! If you like decadent, chocolatey pancakes, then this is the recipe for you! Instead of cooking these on the griddle, these are going in the oven at 325°F. Start with a layer of toasted coconut on the bottom of a sheet pan, followed by our master pancake batter flavored with our Coconut Smooth Paste. This makes for a creamy, coconut flavor throughout, then generously sprinkle layers of chopped pecans, Belgian chocolate and butterscotch chips on top and throw them in the oven to get a gooey, melt in your mouth pancake.

Two trays sit on the stove filled with pancakes mixed with pecans, butterscotch and Belgian chocolate.

These truly are dessert for breakfast!

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Square pancakes sit on a plate covered in chocolate chips. A jar of flavor paste sits in front and to the left of the plate. A tray of pancakes sits in the background along with a glass of wine and a bowl filled with butterscotch and chocolate chips.

Interested in trying out your own flavor combination? Get creative! From Black Forest Cherry to Walnut and everything in between, we've got a flavor to suit all palettes. See our full selection of Dreidoppel flavor pastes here.

Want more inspo? Here are some ideas to get you started:


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