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Be Sweeter Together with us as we join AUI Fine Foods on April 29! Shipping/order advisory: Please be advised that we will NOT be shipping orders on Thursday, 4/25 and Friday, 4/26.
Be Sweeter Together with us as we join AUI Fine Foods on April 29! Shipping/order advisory: Please be advised that we will NOT be shipping orders on Thursday, 4/25 and Friday, 4/26.
Creating Our Frozen & Filled Eclairs: The Journey

Creating Our Frozen & Filled Eclairs: The Journey

3 Chocolate Topped Eclairs with Gold Scribble Star

We searched high and low for the perfect filled and frozen eclairs. However, after much research and many taste-tests, we realized that the best frozen éclairs didn’t exist yet. So, we made our own. We made the best.


The Idea


ifiGOURMET is always looking to expand their product line--but only if the product stands up to our standards. With 2019 approaching, the product development team deemed it their mission to add to our frozen product line up. So when a client asked if we would be able to find and source frozen eclairs, we started our journey to find the best options available.

So began the search for the perfect éclair. We researched, requested samples, and set the specifications these eclairs needed to meet…but it turned out to be harder than originally thought.

Chocolate topped eclairs, one cut open to reveal the cream filling.

What We Were Looking For


We wanted to find an éclair that was unforgettable in taste, affordable in price, and created using all-natural ingredients. Although there were eclairs that met individual expectations, none of the eclairs fulfilled all three. And so, the lightbulb turned on—we had all the supplies to create eclairs that fulfilled every category that we wanted. So we did.

"We looked to our own supply of already amazing products and decided on our French éclair shells from Jean Ducourtieux, tantalizing flavor pastes from Dreidoppel, and the finest chocolate from Luker Chocolate to create frozen eclairs like no other," said Marketing Director Shelly Kreml


The Process


After partnering with a co-packer to manufacture our eclairs, the process of narrowing down flavors began. We worked together to find intriguing flavor combinations that would differentiate our eclairs from the rest, and although we chose a couple traditional flavors, we worked diligently to make them taste and look the best. After many trials, we chose our favorites.

ifiGOURMET now offers 9 all-natural flavors of buttery and creamy eclairs. Flavor options include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Strawberries and Cream, Pistachio Mascarpone, and Bananas Foster.

All eclairs are thoughtfully topped by hand and filled with either flavored mousse or diplomat cream.


Versatile Time Savers


Whether you are looking for a quick thaw-and-serve dessert that you can simply place in your pastry case or feeling creative and want to incorporate the eclair into a gourmet dessert, the eclairs allow for endless possibilities. For dessert inspiration and various business uses, check out our blog Using Filled and Frozen Eclairs on Every Business Level.

Pistachio topped eclair with pistachio crumbles and candied orange slices.

What People Are Saying


You heard it here first! Some people have already tasted and worked with our eclairs. Check out what they had to say:

Jamie Caudy, Executive Pastry Chef at The Ritz Carlton, Chicago: "[The job] is easy when half of [the dessert] is done already!" referring to her use of the éclairs in plated desserts.

Michael Gottlieb, Culinary Sales Advisor: "Eclairs from ifiGOURMET= Elevated. These eclairs are stunning to look at and are made with super high-quality ingredients. They are not your average giant eclair from the grocery store! They are thoughtful, beautiful, and most importantly, absolutely delicious!"

To emphasize the excitement for these new products, ifiGOURMET teamed up with Animus Studios to create fun videos to announce the addition of the eclairs. This is what the team had to say about the design, look, use, and taste.

Wendy Raad, Animus Studios: "I think everyone [who worked on the éclair videos] was most impressed by how well the textures stood out for a frozen product. Since the texture of the cream is so essential to an éclair’s identity, we were all amazed at how fresh, flavorful, and different each éclair flavor tasted."

Chocolate topped eclairs with chocolate filling, with raspberry cream topping and sliced raspberries.



The éclair videos by Animus Studios will be launching soon! You will be able to find them on all our social media platforms, so keep a look out!

To accompany the launch, ifiGOURMET will be introducing the flavors on social media with the hashtag, #shareaneclair. Follow and like our accounts to see how to create gorgeous desserts with the eclairs and learn about what makes them so irresistible.


Just the Beginning


Our search and development journey may be wrapping up, but it’s only the beginning of clientele product enjoyment! We are eager to get your feedback on our new Filled and Frozen Eclairs and hope you love them as much as we do. With so many flavor options and endless versatility, what will you make?

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