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Chef Joan's Top 10 Must Have Products

Chef Joan's Top 10 Must Have Products

Multicolored confectionary bars sit in a brick pattern on a white wooden background.

Our expert pastry chefs know their way around the kitchen, so we asked Sweet Team chef Joan Repato what her favorite go-to items are when whipping up a new masterpiece. Here are 10 of her favorite items, all available at ifiGOURMET:

1. Dreidoppel Flavor Paste


"I love the entire Dreidoppel Flavor Paste line because I can add FLAVOR to anything that I am making! For example:

  • Flavor syrups for my iced tea drinks or Italian sodas
  • Flavored Vodka for making cocktails
  • Cookies, cake, frostings, mousses
  • Ice cream, gelato or sorbet
  • Vinaigrettes and savory sauces
  • Gummies
  • Truffles, flavored chocolate and other confections
  • Flavored fondant-WAY BETTER than traditional fondant! See step-by-step recipe here."


A chef fills cream puffs with cream.

2. Natural Pastry Cream


Our Grand Marque Natural Pastry Cream is so quick and easy, and the best part is it’s all natural!

I can make pastry cream in 3 minutes with traditional milk or switch out the milk for any juice and I have quick, fruity pastry cream, such as orange pastry cream, guava pastry cream, pineapple, the list goes on!

Use the pastry cream for pies, cake filling, filling cream puffs, eclairs, and cannolos. You can make a quick Crème Anglaise by whisking in more milk or cream, or a quick German-style buttercream by adding it to whipped butter.

Also, this pastry cream mix can be used to make a super quick, frozen custard ice cream- Yummy!

A dish of creme brûlée sits on a black table with whipped cream, butterscotch chips, and a chocolate acorn as decor. Two chocolate acorns sit in front of the dish.

3. Crème Brûlée Mix


Crème Brûlée is one of my favorite desserts and our Crème Brûlée Mix makes it effortless because I don’t have to separate any eggs and there is no baking required- make it in 3 minutes, chill, and it’s ready in 2 hours. Of course, I can add any Dreidoppel Flavor Paste to make it a flavored Crème Brûlée as well! Now THAT’S easy.

Bienetta florentine bark sits on a counter top covered in shaved almonds and cranberry.

4. Bienetta Florentine Mix


  • I love using Bienetta to make my Crème Brûlée tops (torch not required 😊).
  • Make Florentine cookies in 8 to 10 minutes and Chocolate Lace cookies in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Create a yummy, healthier granola in 20 to 30 minutes (traditional recipe requires a lot of oil and honey and takes 2 hours to make).
  • You can also make beautiful tuilles, cups or decorative shapes by manipulating the baked Bienetta while it is still warm. Baked Bienetta with chia seeds looks super cool (and healthy) as a decoration on a plated dessert.


Dark, White, and Milk chocolate sit in a pile against a white backdrop.

5. Chocolate


Chocolate is one of my FAVORITE food groups! I put some in my coffee to make my spiced mocha coffee drink, I eat a few disks after my lunch or dinner for my quick dessert on the run. Luker Chocolate is my favorite brand of chocolate because the Fino de Aroma Cacao beans have fruity, spicy, and floral notes, which is delightfully different from other chocolates and you can taste the difference.

Chocolate mugs filled with white mousse with caramelized sugar decor sits against a dark backdrop.

6. Chocolate CupsDivider

Chocolate Cups are so pretty in a pastry case, on any dessert plate, or on a dessert buffet. You can easily pipe Natural Pastry Cream or Mousse Mix (56000, 56134, 56136 or Fond Royal) into the shells for an elegant looking end product. 

A caramel cake sits on a plate decorated with chocolate ribbons and fresh raspberries.

7. Chocolate Decorations and Pencils


Chocolate Decorations and chocolate pencils will make any dessert or cake look fabulous in an instant.

A lemon curd tart sits on a plate with lavender frosting, fresh raspberries, and graham crack crumbs as decor.

8. Ready-to-Fill Tart Shells


If you have a production kitchen but have staffing issues, ready-made tart shells are the way to go. They are natural, available in many shapes and sizes, and taste great! Just as if you made it yourself, but you don’t need a dough sheeter or all those tart pans. So easy-to-use and extremely cost effective!

Shiny, multicolored bon bons sit in a horizontal v shape to the right of the image against a light gray background.

9. PurColour Brilliant Powders


Brilliant Powders add a beautiful pop of color to your desserts, chocolates, confections, and special occasion cakes- naturally!

A silver tub of white gelato sits on a dark table topped with a red cherry sauce and surrounded by fresh cherries.

10. Dreidoppel Marmorias


Not just for marbling gelato! You can swirl Marmorias on top of cheesecake batter before baking or as a topping on the cheesecake after it is baked. They also work as a filling in a cake or in cupcakes.


...And So Many More To Love!


These are just 10 of the amazing products ifiGOURMET is proud to offer! For the greatest gourmet and versatile ingredients, choose ifiGOURMET- you won’t be disappointed. Sign up for our emails to be the first to hear about new products, step-by-step recipes, blogs, and more.

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