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Shortcuts to Decadence

International Foods & Ingredients is a leading importer and master distributor of basic and specialty ingredients from the world's leading manufacturers of pastry, bakery, and confectionery products. But just because our products are of the finest quality and meet the exacting standards of professional pastry chefs doesn't mean they can't be fast, easy, and convenient, too. Go ahead--try these shortcuts! No one will even know, and we won't tell...

Start with a pastry shell or chocolate cup, add a filling, and then finish--ease and convenience with no sacrifice in quality. When you combine our products with your creativity, the possibilities are endless!


Choose ready-to-fill pastries by Jean Ducourtieux or chocolate cups by ifigourmet and you have a shortcut to easy, elegant desserts.

Jean Ducourtieux is the world leader in the production of gourmet ready-to-fill pastry shells, cakes, and pastry products, using traditional French recipes and the finest quality ingredients. Full-sized and mini tart shells, chou pastries, puff pastries and babas are ready to fill and garnish. Voila! Delicious, authentic French patisserie in a fraction of the time!

Ifigourmet, our private label line of over 40 different prepared chocolate cups is the foundation for myriad delectable treats. Choose from dozens of shapes, from mini fluted-edge cups to almost 4" wide dessert cups, and several variations, including white, dark, and milk chocolate--then fill with fruit, pastry cream, fond, or mousse. Garnish with one of IFI Gourmet's gorgeous little chocolate decorations, and you've created a professional looking and tasting dessert in minutes instead of hours.


Try fruit or rich mousse or pastry cream in any of dozens of flavors. With Dreidoppel's mixes and flavorings, it's easy!

Dreidoppel, based in Germany, is a premier manufacturer of flavorings for pastry, confection, and ice cream producers around the world. Their Fond Royal mixes, available in eleven flavors, are cold-soluble for the easy preparation of mousses. Their Neutral Fond Royal is used with Dreidoppel Fruit and Flavor Pastes. Available in over 45 flavors, these pastes are long-lasting and shelf-stable, and a little goes a long way. The liquor flavor pastes--like Amaretto and Irish Cream--can be used in place of expensive liquors to flavor cakes, ice cream, whipped topping, and fondant. Or try Fond Royal on cupcakes instead of frosting! Dreidoppel's semiliquid baking flavors, like Lemon or Bitter Almond, are perfect for cakes, cupcakes, dough, biscuits and souffles because the flavor won't bake out.


A glossy glaze, a candied fruit peel, or a chocolate flourish...the proper garnish adds the grace note to your creation.

Carels, located in the Netherlands, is our source for high quality glazes, jams, and fruit fillings. Their Jelfix Mirror Glaze gives an impressive shine to pastry, prevents it from dehydrating, and lengthens its shelf life. Mirror Glaze is freeze and cut stable, and can be used either directly out of the container or mixed with fruit fillings, jams, or Dreidoppel flavors.

A selection from ifigourmet's chocolate decorations is the little stroke of genius that elevates your pastry or confection. From a simple chocolate curl or stick to an elegant filigree, it's the perfect finishing touch.

For time and labor savings and convenience, you can't beat the products at International Foods & Ingredients. Check out all our products, plus inspirational photos and recipes, at

International Foods and Ingredients, Inc., has for nearly twenty years been a trusted supplier to the American culinary professional in the bakery, pastry, confectionery, and foodservice industries. IFI is a leading importer and master distributor of high quality specialty and basic ingredients, semi-finished products, and tools and utensils through dedicated partnerships formed with the world's leading and most innovative manufacturers. A family owned business, we combine the world's best, most innovative products with industry expertise, reliability, and exemplary customer service.